Beware the Neocons, Democrats, and deep state actors pressuring Trump for war in Syria

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by upvoatz

OPCW whistleblowers have since exposed attempts by corrupt leaders of the organization (working on behalf of US and UK interests) to sell a false flag attack by The White Helmets as a precursor for war.

The roots of the Syria Civil War were seeded as far back as 2000. I’d have to look back through posts, but there was a report of a veiled threat to overthrow Assad years before “rebels” first appeared.

You might call recent events a prolonged extension of the 1999 PNAC “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” invasion plan for the middle east.

Similarities between Syria and Afghanistan

It’s about the oil, natural gas, and competing pipelines.

Western interests have long had a plan to overthrow middle eastern governments and install loyal puppet democracies to stabilize routes for pipelines while claiming resources. Go back to events before and after the invasion of Afghanistan and you will find some interesting things. In 1998, three years before the invasion, UNOCAL (Union Oil Company of California) attempted to negotiate a deal with the Taliban to build two separate pipelines:

Hamid Karzai was a consultant to UNOCAL (both deny this). In 1998, the proposed pipelines fell through due instability in Afghanistan and no deal with Taliban warlords. Within six months after the US invasion of Afghanistan, interim US puppet leader Hamid Karzai was installed and construction of the pipeline was started. US troops and bases were prioritized along the proposed pipeline route ahead of securing the country

More info on Afghanistan and the real reason behind invasion

[1] [2] [3]

Back to Syria …

Tucker Carlson was removed by Fox News for a few days following a string of stories and a April 11, 2018 report questioning the official White Helmets peace keepers narrative of a Syrian chlorine gas attack. US Politicians were calling for an invasion of Syria. Tucker reported on the story a few times since then, but it’s clear upward pressure is being applied on him.

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