It’s not just Hillary Clinton. CFR, Bilderberg, and the CIA select their candidates. Then they manufacture consent.

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by upvoatz

What three letter agency has been rigging elections in foreign countries for decades, initiating coups, using US media to manufacture consent, and installing puppet leaders? <– fairly detailed

Manchurian Pete is the 2020 sleeper candidate for CIA and CFR interests, the same as Obama was in 2008. Look into his connections to the Truman National Security Project, The Cohen Group, and “McKinsey & Company.”

Pete checks certain boxes for a candidate:

  • mid-west Christian (religion)
  • gay (identity politics)
  • relatively young (youth vote)
  • ties to military industrial complex and CIA fronts
  • navy reserve intelligence officer
  • time spent in Afghanistan with CIA unit
  • Harvard and Oxford educated (speaks 8 languages > CIA recruit material)
  • relatively shrouded history before becoming mayor of South Bend at age 30

“Mayor Pete” Buttigieg, a 38 year old mayor of a city of 100,000 with backing from media, ties to CIA, military industrial complex, and a billionaire founder of LindedIn that attempted to rig the recent Alabama special election.

Shadow Inc created the voting app used in the Iowa Democrat Caucus.

Acronym founder Tara McGowan behind Shadow,Inc is married to Michael Halle a senior advisor to Pete Buttigieg. Halle has historywith former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, who is extremely close to Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Now if you’re looking for credible info on “Mayor Pete” read, watch, and keep an open mind

Pete has been mimicking opponents like Yang and Sanders while privately cozying up to Wall St and defense contractors



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