Beyond Meat (BYND) – Insiders and “original investors” are selling

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Insiders and “Original Investors” are cashing out. Better sell this soon before this craters. Please do not loose your money. (I am NOT short BYND and as a customer want this company/sector to succeed).

The lockout period was supposed to end in October, but insiders could not wait out the sky high valuation. Why do they need a secondary offering, few months after IPO.

Too many red flags.

Their IPO in May was 9.6M shares for $25/ shares. (around $250M).

Now in July in 2 months insiders are selling 3M shares and company is offering 250k shares as a secondary offering.

Why couldn’t the insiders wait till October – original lockout date?

This is insiders bypassing the lockout period by issuing a secondary offering. Huge red flag.

h/t meditationLearner


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