Bezos-owned Washington Post changes style guide in attempt to erase motherhood from history of mankind

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by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) Did you know that men can get pregnant? They actually can’t, but the Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post fake newspaper now claims that they can.

The Washington Compost, as many people call it, recently updated its stylebook to remove the term “pregnant women” and replace it with “pregnant individuals.” This was done in order to be “as inclusive as possible,” the fake newspaper says.

Travis Lyles, the Compost‘s new “Instagram editor,” says that pregnancy is no longer just a female thing. It also now applies to males, he insists, erasing motherhood and womanhood from existence.

“While biology dictates who can become pregnant, it does not always reflect gender identity,” reads a document that Lyles tweeted, which was later made private to conceal it from the public. “If we say pregnant women, we exclude those who are transgender and nonbinary.”

“Depending on the context, it may be helpful to explain in the story that transgender men and people who are nonbinary can also become pregnant,” the tweet further reads.

Excluding actual women like this and depriving them of their natural identities could be offensive, Lyles added, because real women “are already marginalized.” The solution, Lyles says, is to use phrases like “pregnant individuals” or “the pregnant population.”

Democrats’ $3.5 trillion spending bill refers to mothers as “pregnant individuals,” “lactating individuals”

The Compost‘s new official stance is that everyone should “try to be nuanced and thoughtful in our language, striving to be as inclusive as possible” – meaning no more talking about biological women.

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“If you are dealing with a situation in which you know that people identify as women, then you can appropriately use the phrase pregnant woman or pregnant women. In other situations, to be more inclusive, use pregnant women and other pregnant individuals.”

The document acknowledges the lunacy of all these changes, albeit in a roundabout way. It admits that “this is a bit of a mouthful,” referring to all of the “inclusive” language that in no way rolls off the tongue because it is entirely unnatural.

Still, liberal guilt requires that language and biology constantly evolve to reflect the feelings of the mentally and sexually deranged, which increasingly make up more of the American population.

Amazingly, the new $3.5 trillion spending bill introduced by the Democrats contains similar language. It refers to mothers as “pregnant individuals” and “lactating individuals” in 11 different sections.

The Lancet, a fully discredited British medical journal, has gone a step further by referring to women as “bodies with vaginas” on its September 25 cover.

As noted by Tim Graham from Newsbusters, inclusivity comes to a grinding halt once the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) comes into the picture. Those who refuse to wear a mask or get “vaccinated” are now becoming fully marginalized from the rest of society by the same people who want to refer to women as “bodies with vaginas.”

“They are considered as public enemies, and hostile to science, so they aren’t offered respect for their disrespected choices,” Graham says about the unvaccinated. “Ridicule for them is richly deserved.”

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As we noted back in the spring, the Chinese Virus is actually being used to further erode masculinity and replace it with even more aggressive feminism. The latest changes at the Compost certainly align with this agenda.

“Do men have any idea what these injections are doing to their manhood?” asked one Natural News commenter in response to a story we published about how manhood is under attack with the covid agenda. “This is criminal!”

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