So the wave of guide downs starting?

so the wave of guide downs starting? — Alastair Williamson (@StockBoardAsset) April 15, 2019 $AMZN creating a bear flag — Farris BABA (@farrisbaba) April 15, 2019 ‘Growth Stocks

A Guide to Efficient Banking

by RoboTicks   Checking accounts are over-used. You should keep most of your money in a high-yield savings account and use credit cards for all of your purchases. The credit

A Recession Survival Guide

by Charles Hugh-Smith The funny thing about slashing your budget to survive a recessionary storm is that it works wonders whether the recession is deep or shallow. We know that

A Visual Guide to State Taxes

by howmuch The midterm elections are right around the corner, and President Trump just announced he wants to cut middle class taxes by 10 percent. It’s obvious people don’t like paying