Biden Admin Reportedly Losing Faith in the Ukraine Victory Plan

by Chris Black

Zelensky is just a puppet of the State Department.

 He will do whatever they tell him to do.

 He’s not a military man or a government man, he’s a TV actor who was installed by Jewish oligarchs (read Kolomoisky), and he has no experience with any of this or any idea what is going on.

 He is just following orders and sniffing cocaine while wearing the same green undershirt at official meetings like a retard.

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He of course doesn’t care if the Ukraine is completely destroyed, because he can just go back to his own country of Israel in a helicopter full of cash, as Western Ukraine is transferred back to Poland.



Some people in the Biden administration are skeptical about Kiev’s ability to turn the tide of war against Russia and mount an effective counteroffensive to retake the territories lost in the past four months, CNN reported on Tuesday. They believe Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky should moderate his expectations and redefine what he would consider victory against Russia, the news outlet said.

Others in the US government remain hopeful that Kiev can defy the odds, if provided enough Western weapons.

“Whether Ukraine can take back these territories is in large part, if not entirely, a function of how much support we give them,” a US congressional aide was cited as saying.



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