Biden always looks like a good candidate until he has to campaign.

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ANN ALTHOUSE IS not impressed with Joe Biden’s candidacy.

He was very weak debating Paul Ryan in the VP debate in 2012. Here’s my live-blog of that debate, preserving my perception of how pathetic Biden’s performance was. He’s 8 years older now. I don’t understand why he’s even asking to be considered adequate. His announcement of his candidacy, wafting dishonest racial bullshit, disqualified him from consideration, in my opinion. And that was tightly scripted and pre-recorded, so a lot of poor judgment and poor delivery could be hidden. Imagine him exposed on the debating stage. These people who think Biden is a safe choice must have a really abysmal opinion of the other candidates. Maybe they’re already coming to terms with an inevitable Trump victory in 2020 and they’re just aching to avoid the pain of a second-in-a-row failed female candidate

AN IMPORTANT REMINDER: No, Democrats, the Obama-Biden Administration Was Not Scandal-Free.

This is a bogus assertion that has been made by more than just Joe Biden. A number of Democrats have made similar claims since Trump was elected president, including Barack Obama himselfand former administration officials like adviser Valerie Jarrett.

This lie is so huge that it’s on par with Obama’s 2013 “if you like your health care plan, you can keep it” lie of the year about Obamacare.

Since Biden has revived the so-called “scandal-free” claim, it has (again) been easily and definitively refuted by conservative new media outlets—but not, of course, by the mainstream media. A number of Twitter users also called him out on it. Here are two that received a lot of retweets:

Biden opens with 1st Rally……BARELY ANYONE THERE

Only to be accelerated by the MASS ARESSTS OF THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION in the next month…..

Trump approval: 49% TODAY!

YOUR DAILY TREACHER: Robert E. Lee Is a U.S. Citizen, Thanks to Joe Biden. “Now it’s up to Biden to prove he isn’t a racist. He has a history of saying racist stuff, and now it turns out his voting record backs up that suspicion. Now he’s responsible for proving a negative. We should assume he loves Robert E. Lee, until he shows us otherwise. That’s how this works. Those are the rules. Not much fun, eh, libs?”

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