Biden Hasn’t Spoken To Other World Leaders Since Kabul Fell… Candace Owens: Biden Hiding ‘Like A Little B****’

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President Biden has yet to speak with his foreign counterparts since the Taliban took the Afghanistan capital of Kabul, national security adviser Jake Sullivan said Tuesday, as the White House faces questions from some allies about the repercussions of its withdrawal from the country.

“He has not yet spoken with any other world leaders,” Sullivan said during a briefing with reporters, noting that he and Secretary of State Antony Blinken have held regular calls with their own counterparts.

“Right now, the main issue is an operational issue,” Sullivan said. “It’s about how we coordinate with them to help them get their people out. And we are operating through logistical channels and policy channels to try and make that happen.”

Blinken on Monday spoke with his counterparts in China and Russia about the security situation in Afghanistan.

Outspoken conservative political commentator Candace Owens has slammed Joe Biden’s handling of the crisis in Afghanistan, accusing the president of hiding “like a little b****”.

Biden’s decision to draw down U.S. military operations in Afghanistan has come under fire since the Taliban entered the nation’s capital of Kabul on Sunday.

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