Americans Spend More Than $70,000 For Online Purchases They End Up Regretting

NEW YORK — “Buyer’s remorse” can set in real fast when the things we purchase online turn out to be nothing like what we’re hoping for. A new study reveals this actually happens a lot more than you might think. In fact, the average American wastes over $70,000 on disappointing online purchases during their lifetime.

A recent survey of 2,000 Americans finds people typically spend an average of $899 online each year on disappointing items. That underwhelming shopping list includes clothing (60%), tech (27%), and toys or children’s products (25%). Specific complaints often include the quality of the product (64%), the size (46%), and its color (31%).

One respondent said they bought a leather jacket that turned out to be plastic and another claimed they received steaks that tasted like shoes. However, humans aren’t the only ones feeling retail disappointment.

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“I ordered a Cat Cave bed for $60,” one respondent says. “It had rave reviews and sounded like something my cat would enjoy sleeping in. She slept in it one afternoon and was done with it. When she moved around in it, it collapsed, so it was not as advertised.”


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