Biden Insults Americans Struggling To Buy Food And Gas

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Joe Biden on Tuesday delivered remarks on the economy and his administration’s efforts to ease the supply chain crisis and lower gas prices.

Joe Biden lectured struggling Americans, telling them they need to “maintain perspective.”

What happened to “Scranton Joe?” You know that blue collar working class man he promoted as his sole identity in the 2020 election? Well, he left that behind at the door as soon as he stepped into the Oval Office.

Americans are struggling to pay for food, gas, heat and housing because of Joe Biden’s bad policies but he doesn’t care.

Now, “Blue Collar” Joe Biden is jet-setting to Nantucket, an island off the coast of Massachusetts, to enjoy a Thanksgiving feast on taxpayer dime.

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“It’s important to maintain perspective about where our economy stands today,” Biden said hours before he jets off to a $30 million Nantucket estate.

He should at least keep up the facade he had during the election as to not make his statements insult to injury of his failed policies that are hitting Americans in the pocket.


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