Biden is all for equal rights you say?

by boomerpro

Funny, back when he could still put together sentences (barely) he had this outstanding, possibly racial motivated, speech. Wasn’t he also responsible for incarcerating millions of Black people due to his bills? “Check my track record, man”. Did we forget?

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Watch the video for yourself. Funny how these politicians switch up their views based on whatever voter demographic they are trying to pander to. Don’t believe everything the MSM tries to push on you about Mr. Joe. Much like any politician, he doesn’t give 2 craps about me, you, or anybody else.

INb4 but Trump is a bigot hurr durr, well guess what this isn’t about Trump, it’s about the utter incompetence (possibly intentional) of the democratic party for blatantly stealing the nomination from Bernie and giving it to this clown.







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