Biden Is Illegally Holding 1,000 Migrant Kids in Detention Centers. Millions of Undocumented Migrants Set to Receive $4.38 Billion in Coronavirus Cash

Biden Is Illegally Holding 1,000 Migrant Kids In Detention Centers.

Leaked Department of Homeland Security figures reveal 823 unaccompanied migrant children being held in border patrol custody for more than 10 days.

Under federal law, border patrol can detain children for a maximum of 72 hours, but as of March 20th, “3,314 unaccompanied children had been in custody longer, with 2,226 for more than five days and 823 for more than 10 days,” the outlet continues.

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Millions of illegal immigrants set to get $4.38B in Biden COVID cash

Christmas is coming early to millions of illegal immigrants in the form of a COVID-19 stimulus check of up to $1,400, according to a new analysis.

The Center for Immigration Studies on Monday estimated that at least 2.1 million illegal immigrants could be eligible for $4.38 billion wired directly into their checking accounts, just like the hundreds of millions of legal residents and citizens who started receiving checks last week.

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