Biden Joint Session of Congress Ratings Are In: 11 Million Viewers Compared to Trump’s 48 Million Viewers — But Joe TOTALLY Had 81 Million

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CBS’s “85% Biden Speech Approval” Poll Quizzed Just 169 Republicans Out Of 1,000 Viewers.
And that my friends is how the Democrat media rigs its polls. Its nothing more than a giant FUCK YOU to America.

In a stunningly duplicitous story aimed at shoring up the response to Biden’s speech, CBS claimed on television and on their website: “Most viewers who tuned in to watch President Biden’s speech liked what they heard and came away feeling optimistic about America.”

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What they didn’t tell their viewers, nor readers, is that the poll was wildly biased towards self-identifying “Democrats” and traditionally left-leaning “Independents” and self-described “Moderates”.

They polled 510 Democrats, and just 169 Republicans. They added 235 “Independents” to the methodology, which also usually skew left. A further 3 percent were not identified.


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