•  ‘Unlawful migration is not acceptable,’ Biden said at a speech in L.A.
  • Nations attending the Summit of the Americas reached a declaration on migration 
  • Programs include taking in more guest workers and to provide legal pathways for people from poorer countries to work in richer ones.
  • Observer Spain pledged to ‘double the number of labor pathways’ for Hondurans in its migration program
  • But Madrid’s temporary work program enrolls 250 Hondurans, suggesting only a small increase is envisioned

President Joe Biden tore into unlawful immigration in a speech at the Summit of the Americas where he and other leaders vowed to crack down on human smuggling as they announced a new accord.

Biden laced his remarks with tough talk amid record immigration, addressing an issue that has caused his administration political problems from his first days in office.

‘We need to halt the dangerous and unlawful ways people are migrating,’ he said. Biden intoned in Los Angeles, where he is hosting the summit.

‘Unlawful migration is not acceptable,’ he said.

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He also had a stark warning for human smugglers: ‘We are coming after you.’

‘If you prey on desperate and vulnerable migrants for profit, we are coming for you,’ the president intoned.

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