Biden regulations crushing economy… just lost support from major group…Inflation will bankrupt Biden & Dems

By so many measures, Joe Biden’s presidential administration falls at the bottom of the scale. But there is one metric by which Biden is tops — in fact, the very tops in all of history. That is the regulatory costs his administration has imposed on the nation in a single year.

The American Action Forum, a conservative think tank that tracks government regulation, has tallied up what government agencies estimate their regulations cost.
The Biden administration has now imposed $201 billion in regulation
— more than three times the cost that President Barack Obama’s very left-wing administration imposed on families and businesses in its first year.

What’s more, Biden’s new regulations are forcing more than 100 million hours of annual paperwork on the nation, far more than either the Obama or Trump administration.

For a presidential administration that has basically failed in every important area — on COVID, on the border, on Afghanistan, on the economy — Biden cert …

As he enters his second year in office, Joe Biden’s lead among black voters – the group that helped propel him to the White House – has plummeted.

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The nomination of Biden for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination was boosted by black voters in the Democratic primary…

In his victory lap at his marathon press conference last week, President Joe Biden boasted that “I have probably outperformed what anybody thought would happen” and “I have gotten the critical crises out of the way.” He shrugged off concerns about inflation, which he has blamed on greedy corporations and supply-chain snafus. But inflation will be the wrecking ball that could politically destroy Biden and his Democratic allies in the coming months.

Inflation has risen more than fourfold since Biden took office, jumping from 1.4% to 7%. Cynics are quipping that it’s now higher than Biden’s approval rating, but that is a cheap shot — or at least premature.

Last month, Biden characterized inflation as a “bump in the road.” But that “bump” is a hole in the gas tank for tens of millions of Americans who drive to work. Oil prices closed at their highest level in seven years the day Biden spoke.

Biden said in July, “There’s nobody suggesting there’s unchecked inflation on the way,” but there were plenty of dire warnings from experts early last ye …


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