Biden Scandal gets Worse As More Money Involved -Joe Biden was personally paid $900,000 for lobbying activities from Burisma Holdings,

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Democrats have worked hard to change their own Biden scandal to a Trump scandal, and it seems to have worked for those who rarely read anything past CNN or other left-wing media. But there is information out there that will doom their impeachment and sink former Vice President Joe Biden into the deep state quicksand.

biden scandal
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Democrats have done their level best to pressure the Ukraine to stay away from Hunter Biden and the Burisma mess. It’s definitely a Biden scandal at this point. But everything, and everyone are connected to it, from Joe Biden to Nancy Pelosi.

John Solomon at The Hill reported the backdrop:

Valeriy Chaly, the Ukrainian ambassador to the United States at the time, confirmed to me in a statement issued by his office that, in March 2016, a contractor for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) pressed his embassy to try to find any Russian dirt on Trump and Manafort that might reside in Ukraine’s intelligence files.

The DNC contractor also asked Chaly’s team to try to persuade Ukraine’s president at the time, Petro Poroshenko, to make a statement disparaging Manafort when the Ukrainian leader visited the United States during the 2016 election.  

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Chaly said his embassy rebuffed both requests because it recognized they were improper efforts to get a foreign government to try to influence the election against Trump and for Hillary Clinton.

The political pressure continued. Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion in crucial U.S. aid to Kiev if Poroshenko did not fire the country’s chief prosecutor. Ukraine would have been bankrupted without the aid, so Poroshenko obliged on March 29, 2016, and fired Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin.

At the time, Biden was aware that Shokin’s office was investigating Burisma, the firm employing Hunter Biden, after a December 2015 New York Times article

Now we learn from documents released by the Ukraine that they had begun an investigation into Biden’s corruption this year BEFORE the infamous Trump phone call with the Ukraine President in July. That makes Trump’s request to Zelensky irrelevant since they had already begun another investigation into Burisma and Hunter Biden. It’s a “significant shift of the facts” according to John Solomon, a Fox News Contributor.

The documents also suggest that Joe Biden himself was given $900,000 for lobbying efforts on behalf of Burisma. Burisma, remember, is an energy company that the “Green New Deal” advocates hate because it’s fossil fuel based. The Biden scandal grows.


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