WAPO reporter David Ignatius accidentally outs Stefan Halper CIA/FBI informant as one of his sources to Svetlana Lokhova and immediately hangs up phone and cuts off communication once he realizes his error.

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After Halper was outed as a CIA and FBI informant in May 2018, Lokhova contacted Ignatius. In an email recently obtained by The Federalist, Ignatius replied to Lokhova that he’d “like very much to ask you about Stefan Halper.” When they spoke, Lokhova registered surprise about Halper’s role. That prompted Ignatius to say “he always found Halper reliable as a source,” Lokhova told me. “When I said ‘Wow, he was your source,’ Ignatius hung up. We never spoke again.” Ignatius also did not respond to questions about his use of Halper as a source.

SOURCE — thefederalist.com/2019/11/04/scoop-cia-fbi-informant-was-washington-post-source-for-russiagate-smears/

So the CIA/FBI pays an agent/spy to plant propaganda and lies in the press and then uses those press reports as a basis to attempt to overthrow the President. That’s an intelligence coup folks.

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