Biden scrambles to ship one million claimed monkeypox vax we have to clinics , but cant get them out of freezers in Denmark

White House scrambles to ship new monkeypox vaccine to clinics across the country after critics claimed America ALREADY HAS a million doses but Biden ‘can’t figure out how to get them out of freezers in Denmark’

White House on Tuesday announced a new national monkeypox vaccine rollout

It came after advocates slammed the administration for delays in distribution

US has Jynneos doses stored in Denmark pending an FDA facility inspection

Biden administration will allocate 56,000 doses of Jynneos vaccine immediately

In coming months, 1.6 million doses will be released from a national stockpile

US has recorded 306 cases of monkeypox, but officials fear true count is higher

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Some experts have criticized the new vaccine plan as lacking in key details

They fear vaccines will not get to gay men who are at the highest risk

White House says doses will go to ‘jurisdictions with the highest case rates’

Although the vaccine itself has been approved for use by US regulators, the doses in Denmark were produced on a manufacturing line that is still awaiting Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval, officials said earlier this month.

The letter from PrEP4ALL and Partners for Health said in part: ‘We must not allow the same failures of vaccine production and distribution that hampered the global COVID-19 response cause us to fail to contain the current monkeypox outbreak.’

‘If this is a test run for pandemic preparedness, we are flunking,’ PrEP4ALL co-founder James Krellenstein told the Washington Post.

‘We have more than a million doses of a vaccine FDA approved for preventing monkeypox,’ he said. ‘And the U.S. government cannot figure out how to get it out of freezers in Denmark — doses that it owns — when there’s uncontained spread in the gay communi’ ty.

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