Biden sending $$ Unemployment & Stimulus as Debit Cards and not direct deposit, WHY?

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HOW do pay bills with a debit card? Let’s think of reasons why Biden’s Admin is using Debit Cards?
-They made a deal with some Bank!
-people never spend those last few bucks, pennies on cards
(boy that will add up quick!)
-Forced to spend by a certain date or expired
-easily lost
-easily stolen
-Mail men who hate Republicans can throw them away like they did our votes

What is good about a debit card?

I get MA unem, always gets deposited on Tuesday so I checked and it said it is coming as a DEBIT CARD? and they are saying call volume, cannot take my call. so I have no link but to show you my file which I clearly cannot do.


h/t KuvaszLove


The news is not confirmed yet…


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