Biden Vows to Raise Taxes on Fossil Fuel Companies as Gas Prices Spike (VIDEO)

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Joe Biden on Wednesday traveled to Illinois to promote his gargantuan infrastructure bill.

Biden was greeted by Trump supporters when he arrived in Crystal Lake.

78-year-old Joe Biden delivered speech at McHenry County College where he railed against the wealthy and fossil fuel companies and said they need to ‘pay their fair share’ in taxes.

Less than a year ago, the United States was energy independent and gas prices were at historic lows.

In the six months since Joe Biden was sworn in as president, gas prices have risen by a staggering 40 percent.

Now Biden is going to raise taxes on gas companies.

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Right before Biden attacked gas companies, he told the audience he was the poorest Senator in Congress for 36 years – so how the hell did Biden, AKA, “The Big Guy” make enough money to be able to afford multi-million beach homes?



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