Biden will be President Even if it Leads to the Break up of the USA

by Martin Armstrong

Well, our computer was projecting the 8th would be more important than the 6th. The events today pretty much confirm that. Trump told his supporters to go home and Pence issued a letter stating he does not have the power to overrule Congress. As I have been warning, that I did not believe Trump would be able to overturn the election without the Supreme Court ruling which they refused to look at so they have condemned the nation to what will only become a violent confrontation.

The Democrats have also won control of the Senate so they can not change everything. We should expect a Wealth Tax which will be very destructive of the economy for you will pay taxes on high marks in the market even when you lose money in addition to income taxes. The Supreme Court may be changed and denied the right to rule on Democratic issues. Sources in DC warn that Biden’s Administration will impose nationwide lockdowns and will adopt the same policies as in Europe to crush small business, reduce employment, and further the Great Reset.

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I have warned that the Republicans were also glad to see Trump gone and Pence was a former Congressman so he would not stab Congress in the back. McConnel also has shown his true colors that it is Congress against the people. This will merely increase the rage and most likely result in a split even in the Republicans for 2022 with the rise of a 3rd party. Agenda 2030 is the game and do not believe this is just the Democrats. We are facing a global cabal because they have reached the point where they can no longer borrow indefinitely with no intention of repaying anything. Hence, they must destroy the system to retain power is the way they see it.

Perhaps this is what is just necessary to light the spark of civil unrest that will lead to major confrontations and possible revolution. NEVER before in history has an election meant such dark and sinister forces of drastic change. It never really use to matter between Republicans or Democrats because they would tinker with the tax rates and the net outcome was to simply drive people offshore.

Client on the Small Business Platform will be allowed to send in an ASCI, CSV file, of Excel file with preferrable 10 years of months data and we will run it through the model for you to provide an Array on your business. We can see that by 2022, the United States will be in political chaos, and all the journalists who have just said Trumps’s claims of fraud are baseless without ever reviewing the claims will have a lot of blood on their hands. This type of words without any independent review will lead to a serious undermining of the nation. What they are doing is merely confirming the destruction of the West and post-2032 will belong to Asia.


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