BIDENFLATION: Lunchflation stings workers returning to the office as prices for wraps soar 18%, sandwiches 14% and salads 11% in just ONE year.

  • Menu prices are at an all-time high since workers have returned to the office
  • Payments company Square calculated the prices of standard lunch items within major cities, including San Francisco, Seattle, New York City, Washington, D.C.
  • Since last March, the average price of wraps is up 18%, sandwiches are up 14%, salads are up 11% and burgers are up 8% 
  • Sweetgreen raised menu prices 6% in January  and is also relaunching a delivery program for office buildings
  • Potbelly raised prices 5.4% in February – as well as an 86% increase compared to fall 2020  
  • Since March 2020, the average price of wraps rose from $9.05 to $10.21 
  • Over the same timeframe, the average price of burgers increased from $10.15 to $11.10 and sandwiches rose from $9.40 to $10.77
  • US Consumer Price Index rose 7.9 percent in February from a year ago, the most since June 1982
  •  Biden blamed Vladimir Putin, thought the latest report does not capture the full impact of Russia’s invasion 
  • Soaring prices are affecting food, clothing, shelter and other basic necessities for regular Americans 
  • Gasoline has continued to skyrocket since the February report, suggesting inflation will only get worse

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