Biden’s Administration starts dumping Illegal Alien Minors into Michigan & Pennsylvania – Over 20K Illegal Minors Being Housed in the U.S.

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Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is moving illegal alien children to different parts of the U.S., mirroring what Obama did during his time in the White House. It’s the same tactic of flooding the border to create a crisis and then moving the illegal alien children all over the country. The Border Czars both had the same tactic of appearing as though they are concerned, but this is exactly what they want behind the scenes. Overwhelming the system of border control creates a crisis, and then desperate measures are needed. This is all done using millions in taxpayer dollars.

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Watch the video below from way back in 2014, where Detroit reporter Charlie LeDuff shows what the media won’t.

Jeh Johnson gives LeDuff a “nonanswer” that is total BS at the 2:15 point in the video. Fast forward to 2021, and the Biden administration does the same thing by not answering questions about what they will do to close the border.

LeDuff called out the “empty suits in Washington” to secure the border way back in 2014, and we’re STILL fighting this battle because the empty suits don’t want to close the border.

On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox Business Network’s “Evening Edit,” National Guard Association Chairman Michael McGuire said that due to crowding in migrant facilities, Customs and Border Protection are releasing “up to 50 personnel per day” into communities “that have less than a thousand people in them. And that creates a humanitarian and a public health crisis for these very, very rural and under-resourced communities.”
McGuire said, “I believe it’s safe to say that they are looking for loopholes to take advantage of this, and the time is becoming so crowded in the facilities that Customs and Border …

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