Biden’s SCOTUS Justice Caught Red Handed

As Americans know, the purpose of the U.S. Supreme court is to interpret the law in regard to the U.S. Constitution.

SCOTUS Justice Stephen Breyer will be stepping down and retiring at the end of his term this year.

President Biden has nominated Kenanji Brown Jackson to take Breyer’s place on the SCOTUS, and the confirmation of that appointment will challenge traditional beliefs in the court.

The SCOTUS has a conservative majority, but Jackson will be a far-left addition to the court.

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Jackson may be the most liberal judge yet on the SCOTUS.

President Biden had promised to appoint a black woman to the SCOTUS if the opportunity arose, and Jackson’s appointment in April fulfills that promise as she is the first black woman to be appointed to the SCOTUS.

Jackson, an appeals court judge in the DC circuit, was confirmed by a narrow margin in Congress.


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