Big Declassification Begins – Documents from Senate Judiciary Committee – Including Bucket Five Documents and Less Redacted Carter Page FISA

The Senate Judiciary Committee has just released a bunch of documents, some of which were on the original 2018 congressional request for declassification.  The documents are considerably interesting; perhaps even EXPLOSIVE.

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The documents include more Papadopoulos transcripts from wired conversations with FBI confidential human source Stefan Halper; and also for the first time less redacted version of all three Carter Page FISA applications.  It’s going to take some time to go through this.

The declassification and release includes some seriously interesting documents the DOJ submitted to the FISA court, as far back as July 2018, which completely destroy the prior claims made by Lisa Page, Peter Strzok, James Baker, James Comey, Andrew McCabe and their very vocal media and Lawfare defenders.   Here’s one example:

Lisa Page testified to congress, and claimed in media, that the FBI never had any contact with the Steele dossier material until September 2016.  However, the DOJ directly tells the FISA court that Chris Steele was funneling his information to the FBI in June 2016.

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Not only did Lisa Page perjure herself in her testimony to congress; but ironically the DOJ notified the FISC of the issues with Chris Steele (and his compromised contacts with the FBI officials) in July 2018, that’s before Lisa Page started making her media appearances.

Obviously Lisa Page did not expect this information to come out. It shows she was lying, and/or she never knew the truthful DOJ information to the FISA Court had taken place.  This is just the beginning… there’s lots of stuff in the release.  [SEE HERE]

There is a lot of new information, explosive information, within this declassification series of documents.  CTH will highlight in smaller bites and articles as we can discover and share them…. However, if you are going to review on your own, and I hope you do, feel free to share any significant findings in the comment section and we’ll take a closer look.

No doubt this is coming out as a result of Richard “Ric” Grenell in the position of DNI so he can declassify the documents the Deep Staters have attempted to keep hidden.



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