Big increases in crime and murder due to politicians freeing prisoners due to ‘COVID’?

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More than a million prisoners have been released during COVID-19, but it’s not enough

COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on prisoners. By March 2021, an estimated 527,000 prisoners globally had contracted the virus, a number that has continued to grow as the pandemic goes on.

This, unfortunately, is not surprising.

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There are longstanding issues within prisons — overcrowding, inadequate medical treatment and a lack of ventilation to name just a few — that make them spaces where viruses can easily spread.

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Many prisoners — who often come from the most marginalized groups in societies — also have underlying medical conditions. Finally, prisoners have not been prioritized when it comes to accessing personal protective equipment or vaccines during the pandemic.

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UNODC, WHO, UNAIDS and OHCHR joint statement on COVID-19 in prisons and other closed settings



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