BIG MOVE! Texas and California Militia Unite to Defend the Border!

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The lack of action on border security from the Obama administration has prompted a wide variety of responses. State officials close to the situation in Texas and Arizona have called for federal assistance but have received little response, leaving them to do what they can with their own resources.
Civilian protestors have coordinated to challenge the transportation of illegal immigrants throughout the country by Department of Homeland Security agents. Other civilians, organized into militia groups, have moved troops to Arizona and Texas to assist in closing a border that the federal government seems content to leave open despite the growing violence.
Now California militia members have united with their comrades in Texas to support state efforts, challenge Obama’s apathy, and assist in securing the nation’s southern border.…

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53 thoughts on “BIG MOVE! Texas and California Militia Unite to Defend the Border!

  1. I hope this works! The Feds are being ordered to the border by Obama, let’s see how that works out! Hopefully they will get the point that Americans are fed up with their lies and illegal activities! ENOUGH!

  2. If it starts let it start here and now. Deport Obama back to Kenya, his birth place.
    Hope the other militia minded people across the nation go to support the southern states. Show the Feds what they are going to get if they continue to be stupid.
    I only wish I was physically able to be there.

    • every state IS a border state due to sanctuary city policies and get all the information you can as the NEXT BUS / JET loads might be incoming TO YOUR ZIPCODE.
      they’re illegally trafficking them nationwide and RELEASING THEM.
      so when released they will go ???? wherever THEY WANT.

  3. Half these “militias” are KKK rapist, ex-military who miss being able to kill brown people and terrorize children. Redneck ignorant white trash. We spend $500 MILLION a MINUTE on the wars and military and these racist scum cant even comprehend that. Easier to hate Mexicans…doesnt require thought or intelligence. Part of being a loser is that you need someone else to blame for your worthless and insignificant life….

    • Wow, you are very angry. Seems your anger and hatred have fogged your thought processes.
      I wonder how many Mexican poor you have welcomed into your home and supplied their food, shelter, medical care, education needs, clothes, and everyday needs? I’m guessing none?
      It’s easy to blame others for not acting, and as long as someone else pays for it, you seem to be fine with that.
      Try being happy, it’s much nicer.

    • It seems you have an issue with the constitutional protections of those of us living in the United States. Or perhaps you are just a troll. Either way, you are guilty of treason and threatening the safety and security of the great LEGAL citizens of this Republic.

    • Vic, your an utter disgrace. if your an American citizen it should be stripped from you. And the KKK is a Democrat organization you ignoramus, I suppose you support La Raza also you worthless traitor.

    • I agree with you brother! These people are easily swayed by the right wing media. They truly are the sheeple, they jump when told by them. These same people think nothing of sending their young sons and daughters to die in far away foreign lands. Where their children are committing heinous crimes, that otherwise would be judged as pure evil and just wrong, but because they are wearing the uniform they can get away with straight up murder and mayhem, and all supplied by the same thuggish government that started the very wars that they are now trying to quench. It’s no wonder that most of these same people come back insane and most opt to kill themselves off. They cannot even fathom living with themselves after being so evil against their fellow man. Everything I write with first hand visual experience as a medic in the army. What do Afghans, Iraqis, Mexicans, and so many other people that have been bombed and killed by the American government have in common? Their skin colour. They don’t like dark meat, just look at all the comments on the net about black people, the truth in white people comes out in anonymity. They will smile at you at your face, but inside only God knows the heart. God Bless you brother! For standing up against these bigots!

      • Vic is a troll, lets save our energy for those who actually care about our country. Homeland security ordered clothes, food,water and medical supplies months ago. This was planned. Troll be Gone. Back under the bridge…there is no time for you!

    • Vic, you are just plain silly with your comment. If you are an open borders guy maybe you can explain how great this country will be another 50, 100 million uneducated, poor people living off of social programs.

    • They don’e want to kill bown people or terrorize children. They just want to keep the illegal spics and niggers on their own side of the border.

    • Sounds like the liberal left and their socialist agenda. You have proven that you are a fifth columnist trash and about as smart as a rock. Just like all of the left and their mountain of failures they blame others for it and will never offer anything of any value to society except promises of utopia and more socialist failures. My guess is that you personally hold a grudge towards people who work and profit from their labor instead of giving it to people like you willingly because you are entitled to it. You whine and complainm and yet never aqccept any rexsponsibility like maybe you should be there willing to take one of these families in and support them and pay their ovomit care premiums. Heck I doubt you have enrolled but supported it when you thought others would pay your way. This wont happen because all you do is call people names and believe in utopia.

  4. You can no longer, despite any political party affiliation, deny that the Federal Government has now by act of treason has waged the first attack against the people!
    Murietta, Ca today July 7, 2014. The Federal Government has ordered and sent ICE Agents, who arrived Sunday, in full riot gear to push back the citizens of Murrieta who are attempting to protect their country from a border invasion. They are to assist the buses through their town and into the Detention Facility.
    Your own American President ordered law enforcement to defend the invaders and arrest the protectors of the nation.
    Obama is using the Cloward / Piven Strategy to a tee. Overwhelm the system to collapse it!
    The entire Federal Government has turned it’s back on the people and are fighting them to defend invaders!

  5. Treason is occuring right before our eyes, and yet I do not see any senator, nor congressman, nor governor, nor any government official doing anything other than talk. TALK IS CHEAP. Treason is occurring, and all of those government people took oaths to prevent this event, to stop this event, and yet, all of them are just twiddling their thumbs.

  6. Good for you boys, get that border secured.
    We all need to support this effort at all levels, civil, local government, state government. Quit paying taxes to the federal government.

  7. Someone else needs to go out there and fight them, because I’m busy at work? This guy is a dumb ass! He said someone else needs to do it, because he’s busy. Every body is busy doing something else, this is an inconvenience for everyone, but so was the coming of Europeans to the Native Americans. No one stopped your lily white ass from getting here. Maybe we’ll put up signs saying No Irish served here or No blacks in here or whatever, It’s bull shit! It’s all just right wing media hype! It will blow over and after all is said and done they will find out that it ain’t the Utopia they thought it was and they will go back home. Some might stay, they will eventually breed into the rest of us and you won’t be able to distinguish them one from the other. We need people to help support the old people of America with their taxes. I say let them stay, let them work and take taxes from them and let social security be funded for a while longer. Old people need to have some gambling money to spend at the Casino. Haha!

    • Brian, the differance is illegal and leagl immigration. So at what point do you say enough? 10,20, 50, 100, 200 million? Have you ever thought about the quality of life with another 20, 50 million poor, uneducated unskilled people here? Wake up!!! There are limits to what we can absorb. Otherwise we turn into the same cesspool that these people escapred from.

  8. time for a free clue, kids. You aren’t even remotely free. The US is a giant prison colony fun by psychopaths and serial professional felons. Can you hear me Diane Feinstein? Can you Her me Dick Cheney? Can you hear me Hillary Clinton?
    The only way you can reclaim your freedom is to overthrow the USD Federal government? By any means possible. Otherwise, you’re all just a bunch of whiny, weak old women.
    Look at the Brave men and boys fighting in Eastern Ukraine against the CIA installed Fascist junta. Trust me, the more things change, the more they do stay the same unless YOU make the change yourself.
    Time to lock and load.

  9. This is treason, and it’s being funded by your hard-earned tax money. Americans declared war on the British Empire in 1776 for far lesser reasons.
    Are you all just a bunch of whiny old women and cowards?.

  10. The militia members will end up murdering women and children and then the military will attack them and drive them into Mexico so they will be the illegal immigrants.

  11. find hbo 1997 made for tv movie THE SECOND CIVIL WAR its about feds sending immigrant children to Idaho and the start closes its borders to stop them.


  13. All our money has gone to Israhell ad the Zionist banksters.Oh yea and to Ukraine to hlp Zio Porky kill is own people.
    This country sucks from the toilet now.

  14. You’d think the worthless government would be embarrassed that the people have to do what the government is hired to do.
    But they don’t care.
    The government is so dead set on exploiting “Protect the children” and blaming citizens with guns, yet they leave our borders open, and THAT is a much bigger danger to our children. So it is obvious, it isn’t the children they care about- it’s citizens rights they want to demolish and the want for more control and power.
    So……..Perry………….you awake…………….sober?

  15. There has been a steady stream of Illegals coming in for over 10 years. Why all of a sudden are we so concerned. Bottom line? The America we grew up with, is DEAD. The vast majority are now on entitlements, they don’t give a sheet. Law abiding citizens who are consciously aware, who stand with the Constitution are now a small minority. It’s over, Game Over. Get used to it. The middle class is dead. The Imposter in Chief has won. Americans are too busy consuming Rx and Non-Rx drugs, drowning in alcohol, absorbed in texting, glued to the couch watching tv and inhaling gmo junk food, all the while getting obscenely obese, sucking on the government tit, can’t you all see it? All this talk about coming to the rescue? THe patient is DEAD. It’s too late. Find yourself a little place, in the middle of no where, off the grid, good deep well, good growing season, plenty of firearms and ammo, and ride the storm out. It’s going to get downright medieval out there as the Fascist Police state starts culling the masses. It’s gonna be catastrophic, and it was all planned out, methodically.

  16. It’s not just the federal government that’s content to leave the border open, but businesses too, especially in the Southwestern U.S. Look at all the businesses in Arizona that cried foul when the state clamped down on illegal immigration.

  17. ….to challenge Obama’s apathy..etc. I wish people would get this one fact through their THICK HEADS. For the past several administrations, Bush included, this isn’t about APATHY!! This is a planned long term action to OPEN THE BORDERS OF THE U.S., by the ELITE. Governor Perry of Texas, was 100 percent right the other day, when he said Washingtons immigration policy is one big SNOW JOB on the American public. They have no intention of ever stopping illegal immigration.

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