‘Big Short’ Michael Burry Has a Bearish Bet and Warns of a Selling Stampede


Burry did an interview that was released this morning, basically saying that he told you so about the etf / spy bubble and currently what is going on is the sell off in progress. He also said that he put money where his mouth was and has made huge money off of a short / put position.

“A global pandemic is absolutely a potential trigger for the unwinding of the passive investing bubble. With Covid-19, the hysteria appears to me worse than the reality, but after the stampede, it won’t matter whether what started it justified it.”

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He also seems to be saying that another leg down is very probable as he expects people to overreact to the virus.

There’s something in there about how people are still talking about buying the dip right now, and when the bottom has truly arrived that sort of talk will be virtually non-existent.

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Let’s discuss what Burry has said in this interview and revere him as a stock god for being correct, once again!

Also Burry has a substantial position in GameStop, a stock that is currently shorted over 100%, and has not sold off as much as the market these past two weeks, possibly due to a couple of people / funds buying up all sold shares, or that’s what people on stock twits and twitter are saying, and the ridiculous short percentage.