Big Tech to make conservatives ‘second-class citizens’ without pushback, Heritage Foundation warns

FIRST ON FOX: The Heritage Foundation warns in a new report that Big Tech censorship will make conservatives “second-class citizens” without mounted pushback.

Fox News Digital exclusively obtained the new report by the conservative think tank in Washington, D.C., which it calls “an authoritative assessment” on how Big Tech has “weaponized unprecedented power and influence to silence Americans,” undermined freedom and “fundamentally” reshaped American society.

The new report comes amid growing calls from people on the left for Spotify, a popular music streaming platform, to remove comedian Joe Rogan from its platform.

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Heritage Foundation president Kevin Roberts decried Big Tech as “the enemy of the people” and said “these powerful corporations’ undeniable service to leftist ideology eerily mirrors oppressive behavior by totalitarian governments to silence opposition and relegate those with whom they disagree to second-class citizens.”

“Every single American should be concerned by Big Tech’s manipulation of the free market to exploit consumers, censor conservatives, target children, expand chilling surveillance programs, and selectively limit access to the modern public square.” he continued. “It’s going to take all of us to fight back against Big Tech and ensure these companies are held to account for their unchecked, flagrant abuses of power and undermining of the common good.”


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