Big Tech Tyrants’ First Target Was Freedom of Speech; Next is Freedom of Religion

Novel thought: Clouthub founder says ‘freedom of thought’ must be protected

There was a time when Big Tech seemed to adhere to the concepts of freedom of speech and freedom of thought. We were fools to believe they were sincere.

The “purge” by Big Tech of conservative and Christian voices has been well-documented over the past three months, but it’s not a new issue. It hit mainstream when President Trump’s Twitter and Facebook accounts were banned, but this has been going on to a lesser degree for years. That’s why sites like Gab, Parler, and Clouthub were formed. They have become three of the primary “freer speech” alternatives, especially for those who have been stifled by Big Tech.

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Jeff Brain, founder of, appeared on the One America News show “The Real Story” to discuss how Big Tech is now targeting religion and why we need to expand all-inclusive platforms. He noted that there have been all of these hearings on Capitol Hill, but very little seems to ever come out of it.

“Well, we have been watching these hearings for years and unfortunately we haven’t seen any action taken,” Brain said. “It is time to take action. Whether it’s the invasion of our privacy, the silencing of our voices, or even the issue of mental health… it’s time for them to stop the talk and start to take action.”

The focus has been on suppressing conservative thoughts, but there is a real push going on right now to stop the spread of religious views as well, particularly the Judeo-Christian worldviews. This isn’t just about Big Tech being “woke.” There’s an underlying agenda at play that few seem to recognize.


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