"Biggest COVER-UP" WORLDWIDE – "THEY Know" of Inbound Planet & HIDING it.

“Biggest COVER-UP” WORLDWIDE – What “THEY” Don’t want us to KNOW. Planet X; Hercolubus; Nibiru;
Biggest “Cover-up” in History – What NASA & World Leaders DO NOT Want Us to KNOW! ~!~ Planet X; Hercolubus; Nibiru; Wormwood; 10th Planet; Red Planet; The Destroyer; Nemesis; Marduk; Tyche; Red Star Kachina; or Barnard Star. The past and future Cataclysmic Catastrophism on Earth. (Link 3 below for interesting videos).
1) socioecohistory.wordpress.com…
2) www.redicecreations.com/articl…
3) beforeitsnews.com/alternative/…
4) NASA images of Tyche – Thumbnail image NASA Planet X and Earth, PUBLIC domain.
5) Hercobulus images – Wikimedia commons images
6) Music – Youtube Audio Library
“Ambient Ambulance”
7) Thumbnail image – NASA images – Planet X Nibiru NASA image, Wikimedia commons images

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18 thoughts on “"Biggest COVER-UP" WORLDWIDE – "THEY Know" of Inbound Planet & HIDING it.”

    • Details and sources, please?
      I’m not saying you’re wrong; I don’t know what the truth is and would like to educate myself as best I can. Details and sources for your claim would help.

    • Concur. There is not one scientist, astronomer, or even amateur astronomer that will tell you that Nibiru is real. because it isn’t. It’s nonsense. Same as the nonsense about the world ending in 2012, or at the end of the Mayan Calendar. NONE of that happened – same nonsense. Please do yourself a favor and don’t respond to this – it only proves your stupidity.

      • The claim was never that on Dec 21, 2012 the world would end. It was only that it was the end of the calendar and an end of an era; the worse would follow.
        Further, there are, in fact, scientists, astronomers and even amateur astronomers who believe that Nibiru real. They just don’t necessarily call it that.

        • Names… give me one name of a REAL astronomer. A REAL one. LOL you can’t. Name of just one REAL (and I mean real) scientist. Not someone with a matchbook degree…

          • You were clear that there aren’t even amateur astronomers who believe in it: Gil Brossard does, and he’s done a lot of research on it (he calls it planet 7X, another name for planet X, yet another name for Nibiru). As for the rest, man, just do a google search for something like “scientists OR astronomers who believe in Nibiru OR planet x”

    • Agreed! People, in my opinion, the woman, Ms Nancy Lieder is delusional specter manifesting in the UFO talk circuit community and has been spewing planetary doom via the Zeta Talk website before the turn of the century. Believe or not, people do make a living peddling their doom gloom porn. Be careful that your open mind is not obliterated by the doom mind control pimps broadcasting via the media, however, don’t allow yourself to become desensitized to a point of apathy at the other extreme, just be a healthy skeptic.

  1. I’m sorry, as an amateur astronomer and as a real earth scientist… this is malarkey. There are a lot of Oort Cloud planetoids… thousands and thousands. But they aren’t sneaking in to kill off the earth and there’s no secret being withheld. Is life so boring that you need to make up nonsense?

  2. This damn planet has been coming for years! Please the lunacy is so old! If it exists there are enough ameatur astronomists that someone would have plotted it. If it exists and if it enters or has ever entered the inner planet orbital paths the gravitational effects would send smaller planets in strange oliptical orbits or a Worse careening off into the sun or out of the solar system. So please stop!


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