Biggest CRASH Potential is Tech Stocks! Massive Corporate Debt Will Snap the Market!

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Have you seen or heard anything showing concern for the corporate debt market? Any similarities with 2007?

It is understated how interconnected U.S. tech stocks and China are. But of course, the data is there and unless something changes with supply chains, business models, or anything else, this is where it’s at. If there is a pronounced slowdown that takes place, even for a quarter or two, this will certainly impact production, revenue, and potentially, so many other factors. Stocks have been looking for a reason for a correction. Now whether or not these unfolding events will actually result in that remains to be seen. But regardless, the Fed will need to show their love and support to softly whisper gentle sweet nothings into the ears of investors. 


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China’s first-quarter smartphone sales may halve due to coronavirus: analysts – Reuters

David Rosenberg: This turbocharged debt cycle will end miserably — it’s just a matter of when | Financial Post

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Jim Cramer: Here’s why malls in America might not be dead after all

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Study: More Than 1 in 3 Credit Cardholders Ending 2019 With More Card Debt Than They Started With | CompareCards

1 in 3 consumers fear they will max out a credit card

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American Household Credit Card Debt Statistics: 2019 – NerdWallet

Coffeyville, Kansas medical debt: County in rural Kansas is jailing people over unpaid medical debt – CBS News

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