BIGGEST EVER US Navy Bribery Scandal 20 Former & Current Officers Charged!

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A news video about a US Navy bribery scandal where classified information was sold. Eight US Navy officials have been charged in the ‘Fat Leonard’ bribery case which has plagued the military branch for years. They are accused of accepting “luxury travel, elaborate dinners and services of prostitutes” from a Singapore-based defense contractor. Among those charged is Rear Admiral Bruce Loveless, recently retired from the Pentagon, as well as four retired navy captains, and a retired marine colonel. The defendants were arrested across five states on Tuesday, according to authorities. They face charges including bribery, conspiracy to commit bribery, honest services fraud, and obstruction of justice and making false statements to federal investigators, according to a Tuesday release by the Department of Justice (DOJ). The charges cover the period from 2006 to 2014, with the 79-page indictment listing the multitude of bribes allegedly provided to the defendants. Those range from $600-per-night hotel rooms, $2,000 bottles of cognac and boxes of cigars, to $25,000 watches. It is alleged that the gifts came from Leonard Glenn Francis, known as ‘Fat Leonard,’ a Singapore-based defense contractor who in January 2015 pleaded guilty to defrauding the navy of tens of millions of dollars. The indictment also alleges that Francis frequently sponsored sex parties for many officers assigned to the ‘USS Blue Ridge’ and other warships.
The indictment mentions two port visits by the ‘Blue Ridge’ to Manila, the Philippines. During one, in February 2007, ‘Fat Leonard’ “paid for a lavish party and the services of prostitutes,” during which “historical memorabilia related to General Douglas MacArthur were used by the participants in sexual acts.” Another port visit to Manila in May 2008, saw Francis host “a raging multi-day party, with a rotating carousel of prostitutes” at the Shangri-La Hotel. The navy officers allegedly drank all the Dom Pérignon champagne the hotel had, and the room and alcohol charges stacked up to $50,000 – all of which was apparently covered in full by Francis.
‘Betrayal in epic proportions’
Federal prosecutors say that in exchange, the officials provided Francis with classified or inside information that allowed his firm, Glenn Defense Marine Asia (GDMA), to extort nearly $35 million from the navy. The leaked data includes ship movements and confidential contract information. In some cases, commanders steered ships to ports where GDMA could charge fake tariffs and fees, according to prosecutors cited by AP. Navy officers are accused of using fake names and foreign email service providers to cover their tracks. The scheme – described by the DOJ as “colossal fraud” – allegedly involved Francis’ company overcharging for stocking navy ships in the Pacific with food, water, fuel, and other supplies.

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The Reality Of Military Rape Will Amaze & Surprise You
“The moment a man enlists in the United States armed forces, his chances of being sexually assaulted increase by a factor of ten. Women, of course, are much more likely to be victims of military sexual trauma (MST), but far fewer of them enlist. In fact, more military men are assaulted than women—nearly 14,000 in 2012 alone. Prior to the repeal of “Don’t ask, don’t tell” in 2011, male-on-male-rape victims could actually be discharged for having engaged in homosexual conduct. That’s no longer the case—but the numbers show that men are still afraid to report being sexually assaulted. Military culture is built upon a tenuous balance of aggression and obedience. The potential for sexual violence exists whenever there is too much of either. New recruits, stripped of their free will, cannot question authority. A certain kind of officer demands sex from underlings in the same way he demands they pick up his laundry. A certain kind of recruit rapes his peer in a sick mimicry of the power structure: I own you totally. “One of the myths is that the perpetrators identify as gay, which is by and large not the case,” says James Asbrand, a psychologist with the Salt Lake City VA’s PTSD clinical team. “It’s not about the sex. It’s about power and control.””* The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.
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Satan in the Navy recruiting sex abusers? Navy rape victim asks Congress for help, but when it goes to the top victims can’t really think there will be any help.

No support the victims from courts – why not? Rape is an act done by Satanists who thrive on sexual acts against the will of the victim. Non-humans without souls – 12 Harrowing Stories About Military Sexual Assault – “When will it end?”



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  1. So this is over $35 MM, but the Pentagon can say, “We can’t find” 6 Trillion dollars, and that’s not investigated.
    $6,000,000,000,000. It’s like all the female teachers being reported in the fake stream media having sex with their students, when, at least in NYC DOE, homosexual male teachers have been raping boys for decades, not one story in the fake stream media, because they are involved in the train.

  2. Low hanging fruit getting picked and eaten. More fluff to present to the masses that something is getting done. SSDD…

  3. When a boy or man is sodomized. The victim usually responds in one of two ways, they become either angry and hateful or submissive. Either way it suits the military’s purpose. Research the term ‘tailhook’ it tells you everything you need to know about homosexuality in the military, especially in the higher ranks. It’s almost a prerequisite for promotion. Similar to that of the high level Nazi’s.

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