The Term “International Terrorism” is a Purposeful Misdirection

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by Mark Angelides

Have you heard the term “international Terrorism” yet? It’s the new phrase that seems to have been simultaneously adopted around the world by all Western governments and the MSM.  You can read it in NBC, Reuters, Washington Post. You can hear it from police forces, politicians and even the British Prime Minister. Yet a short time ago, this phrase was only used in legal circles to define something very specific. Why is it just gaining prominence now, why is replacing the term Islamic terrorism, and how and why did “The World” get this coordinated?
International Terrorism is defined as “terrorism committed in a country by a person not native to that country”. So clearly any homegrown terrorists would not fit that definition. The term is being gradually introduced by the use of modifiers in speech such as “inspired by international terrorism” or “connections to international terrorism”. First it will be used in this sense, and eventually almost all reference will be removed to “Islamic Terrorism” and substituted with this “non-discriminatory” and somewhat misleading phrase.
As to how those in power seek to change the way we speak, look no further than Orwell’s 1984. By controlling the way we speak, they control the way we think. Then they will no more have to innocently state “this has nothing to do with Islam”. The next step will be to make saying the term “Islamic terrorism” a hate crime. This will begin with editorials denouncing “those who seek to divide us with divisive language” in the major publications; then news anchors will be interviewing guests who will (shock horror and totally unexpectedly and unscripted) take huge offence at the term “Islamic terrorism” and will then teach the properly chastised anchor the error of their bigoted ways. Add in a couple of high profile prosecutions and a dozen or so “Twitter Storms” and the term “Islamic Terrorism” is finally removed from “polite society”.
What surprises me is the speed at which this has been rolled out globally. It’s almost as if the puppet masters of the world made a decision and then handed it down to their “Pinocchios” with clear instructions for it to be unleashed at the next newsworthy terror attack. If you were in any doubt that the governments of the world (through their civil services) are coordinated in an effort of control against the civilian population, then look no further than the “soft-brainwashing” taking place right now.
Don’t let them control and distort the truth. The terrorist attacks we are seeing on an almost weekly (and this week, daily) basis are not “international terrorism”, they are “inspired by” and have “connections to” Islamic terrorism. It is an adjective used to describe a noun (as they usually are), and it is an accurate one. If we say this is an “American car”, it does not mean that all American cars are the same as this one, it is an adjective. Use it properly, don’t let them dumb us down and reinforce their magician’s tricks.
Type “International Terrorism” into Google Images. Almost every picture of a face is President Putin. Coincidence? Or will they start labeling Putin’s actions as “International Terrorism” to conflate not only the idea of terrorism with “the terrible, terrible Russians who may like Donald Trump”, but also allow laws against regular Islamic terrorists to be sued against Russia itself.


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  1. Excellant work Mark. Many of us in the alt blogging community (BlackListedNews, RINF, Brietbart, etc.) have been talking sbout the bigger picture of time in general seems to have accelerated. Like playing a movie in fast forward. That, combined with all the look here, no there, no here avents being pushed by the controllers.

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