Biggest Reset In History Looming As Governments Print Dollars Or Die (Hold Gold To Maintain Freedom)

by David Morgan of The Morgan Report

In this latest interview, Darryl and Brian Panes from As Good As Gold Australia interview the Silver Guru – David Morgan from The Morgan Report and Advisor to AGAGA.

David confirms that this global collapse will be like nothing ever seen before, featuring economic disintegration, wars and riots.

*We have debts at levels that are unpayable.
*Epic global bubbles in stocks, bonds and property all about to collapse.
*Major geopolitical conflicts with no desire for peace – major wars likely.
*Energy imbalances and shortages, most self-inflicted.
*Food shortages leading to famine and civil unrest.
*Inflation, leading to hyper-inflation and global poverty.
*Political and economic corruption in US, Europe and most countries.
*No country will afford social security, medical or pension payments.

So what are governments around the world doing to solve these problems – the only thing they know is to print more money.

242 years of government debt has doubled in the last 4 years.
David confirms the final ending is now only 3 years away.

The biggest reset in history is on our doorstep as governments continue to print dollars or die!
Now more than ever before for one to maintain their freedom, they need to hold sound money – gold.

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