Biggest Treasury Buyer Outside U.S. Quietly Offloads Billions (dollar’s rule as world’s reserve currency on borrowed time)

by Boo_Randy

Is the Fed’s monetary malpractice about to catch up with the US dollar? For decades Japan and China have funded our massive deficit spending by buying up trillions in US debt…but it appears the BoJ, at least, has belatedly realized that with Jerome Powell printing us down the road to Zimbabwe 2.0, while Yellen the Felon claims Brandon’s out-of-control spending isn’t inflationary, “investing” in US debt that’s going to be printed (inflated) away by the Fed is a losing proposition. If foreigners stop buying US debt, Powell will have no choice but to hike rates sharply enough to attract investors and convince them monetary sanity is returning – which would mean Game Over for the Fed’s asset bubbles & Ponzi markets. However, the the Democratic Party becoming more radical-left with each passing year, and our formerly respected institutions of governance corrupted and subverted by the Left, it looks to me like the long-deferred financial reckoning day just got a whole lot closer.

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In times of Treasury turmoil, the biggest investor outside American soil has historically lent a helping hand. Not this time round.

Japanese institutional managers — known for their legendary U.S. debt buying sprees in recent decades — are now fueling the great bond selloff just as the Federal Reserve pares its $9 trillion balance sheet.

The dollar’s long run was based mainly on its petro-dollar status, which was underpinned by US military might. However, after the debacle of Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, friends and foe alike have realized our “woke” military isn’t nearly the formidable force it once was before being ruined by Clinton and Obama-appointed PC “leadership.” That is going to have a big impact on the dollar at some point.


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