Bilderberg 2018 Is About To BEGIN In Italy! – What To Expect (with Dan Dicks)

Josh Sigurdson talks with Dan Dicks of Press For Truth, a renowned Bilderberg researcher and someone who has protested and reported on every Bilderberg meeting going back to 2006.
Dan has documented countless confrontations with Bilderberg members over the years, getting some of the most important info from members alongside people like Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange.
Dan talks about what he expects from the 2018 Bilderberg meeting in Turin, Italy from June 7th to 10th.
Dan isn’t giving away any secrets but his strategies get better by the year. We cannot forget that he was arrested in Copenhagen a few years ago during the meeting for asking the organizing committee some questions. He’s been one of the only journalists to stay in the hotel after lockdown.
Dan talks about the most important information he’s gotten out of Bilderberg members, what his favorite confrontation was and why he thinks it’s so important that people understand this vastly non-transparent meeting between the world’s most powerful people, from politics to banking establishment, from media moguls to business leaders. This meeting is nothing to scoff at.

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The excuses presented my members is frankly weak. Usually it’s that it’s “boring” or simply a way for these people to talk privately. It’s a meeting full of billionaires as Dan mentions. Their time is worth a lot of money. They don’t all travel to one place to chat a little. These are important policy choices being made on global government level most likely.
The most important decisions likely are made at the bar over a few drinks when the high up guys take the more inexperienced lower down people aside. Not every member knows what they’re doing there.

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As our fate is mapped out by globalists throughout the world, it’s our job to shed light on this crucially important issue and force the media’s hand at reporting on it. For the sake of truth, we need to expose this group.

We appreciate the work Dan has done to expose Bilderberg for what it is. And to people like the late Jim Tucker who really paved the way for people like Dan, Luke Rudkowski and others who diligently report on the happenings wherever in the world it takes place.


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