Bill Maher and Eric Holder are deeply paranoid…

Bill Maher: “As I’ve been saying for years now, I don’t think Trump … I cannot picture that man gracefully conceding and walking away, and I keep asking Democrats — you’re probably the one with the most law enforcement experience I’ve ever asked this — what do you do if he says, ‘It was rigged, blah, blah, blah. It’s not safe for me to leave.’ Whatever bullshit he’s going to come up with and refuses to leave. I want to know what the plan is.”

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Eric Holder: “On the day of the inauguration, I actually think that he will leave, and if he doesn’t leave, the United States Marshal Service, the Metropolitan Police Department here in Washington, D.C., the Secret Service, all have the ability to pull him out of the White House, and we’ll get on with the inauguration and the presidency of Joe Biden.”


h/t Eustace Muffins