Billy Jack Haynes – Retired Professional Wrestler – Speaks Out – Drug Running And Hit Jobs For The Clintons.

by Ruby Henley
This may be the straw that breaks Bill Clinton’s back.   Billy Jack Haynes,  a  retired American professional wrestler,  confesses he was extremely intimidating in his day.  That heavy-duty look attracted Governor Bill Clinton of Arkansas, as he needed a hit man and a drug runner – someone who could hold his weight amid the criminal acts Bill Clinton would ask of him.
Billy Jack Haynes, a self-confessed former drug runner, has made a series of astonishing confessions in the past week, claiming that he was paid by Bill Clinton to kill David Kennedy, as well as providing “muscle” for the Clintons during Arkansas drug drops in the 1980s.
In a shocking confessional video, Haynes explains that the murder of Seth Rich in 2016 forced him to come forward and play his part in ensuring justice is finally delivered to the crime family responsible for so many deaths.
Guided by his conscience, Haynes approached Linda Ives, the mother of Kevin Ives, one of the boys killed in Arkansas in 1987 in the infamous “boys on the tracks” unsolved murder, and confessed to her the part he played in her son’s death.
On August 23, 1987 Kevin Ives, 17, and his friend Don Henry, 16, were murdered in Alexander, Arkansas and their bodies were then placed on railroad tracks to be run over by a train. The murders of the two boys were until now unsolved.
For the past thirty years there has been rumors and evidence linking certain individuals to the murders. The evidence pointed to involvement by Law Enforcement Officers, Saline County Politicians, and even very high ranking State and Federal Officials.
Now there are two cooperating individuals working with a private detective hired by Kevin Ive’s mother, who have confessed that they were on the tracks the night of the murders. They both tell chilling stories about what happened that night and provide disturbing details about the murders and the coverup.
Haynes, one of the cooperating individuals, has now chosen to go public in order to force the long-running case to a conclusion and deliver justice to the parents of the murdered boys.
Confessing in the video that he also operated as a drug trafficker and “hired enforcer” during his pro-wrestling career, Haynes says:
“In the late 1970s and early 1980s I stood 6 foot three and weighed between 260 and 300 pounds. I was very visually intimating. I’m not proud to say that in the 1980s I transported large quantities of cocaine in the United States of America.
“I bought cocaine from the largest drug trafficker in the United States, Barry Seal, out of Baton Rouge, Lousiana.”
Hayne’s working relationship with Barry Seal, an infamous American pilot working for the Medellin cartel as well as the CIA, opened doors in the criminal underworld. He was soon introduced to Eddie Graham, a wrestling promoter and cocaine trafficker, and a “politician/drug dealer” from Arkansas, who was using his position as governor to control the cocaine trade in the state.
Unfortunately this is an issue the American people are coping with to an extent,  we are sick and tired of corrupt government factions working to destroy our Country.   However, it is hopeful that this man, who is bravely coming forward to confess his sins to the public will also help bring down the Clinton cartel.
As I am writing this, I am very depressed to hear the news about the ridiculous Russian indictments Special Counselor Mueller announced today.  Instead of indicting the true criminals like the Clintons, Obama, and James Comey, Mueller is…in my opinion, infringing upon the First Amendment Rights of the American people.
Although, Mueller admits there was no Russia collusion or the Russian trolls did not affect the outcome of our 2016 Elections, he is still wasting time and taxpayer money mocking the intelligence of the American people.  
Does he think we have forgotten the guilty parties, the illegal FISA WARRANT, the selling of United States Uranium to Russia, and the outright disrespect for the voters in this Country?  We The People chose Donald Trump to be our President, and that should be the end of it.  But the DEEP STATE will not  allow our Republic to function as a cohesive unit under the leadership of President Trump.
This truly ridiculous indictment of Russian trolls on Twitter and Facebook is a joke; however, it is being played upon the American people.  We will be the ones to suffer, as most of us have participated on social media commenting using the hashtags that Mueller lists as a no-no.  I…again…see it as an assault on our freedom of speech and on our intelligence.
Getting back to this revealing news of a Clinton associate outing the couple, I pray he lives long enough to actually follow through on what he wants to do.  The very sad case of the two young men, who were murdered, and their bodies put on train tracks to be mutilated is shocking beyond belief.
The fact that  Bill Clinton allegedly called for this is not at all surprising to me, and it probably will not be to you.  I found a video which goes over this sad case.  I had not heard of this murder until doing this report.

Kevin was 17 and Don was 16…
To understand the whole story, and the 30 year, and ongoing cover-up, watch…
Murder on the Tracks – The Story of Kevin Ives and Don Henry:
In Bryant, Arkansas, on August 30 1987, two young boys, Kevin Ives, 16 and Don Henry, 17 were brutally killed after witnessing a drug cash drop. Their bodies were placed on the railroad tracks for mutilation to destroy evidence of the murders.  The cover-up began immediately, reaching all levels of government over the last 30 years.  
When discovered, they were lying next to each other in straight lines across the tracks, and failed to move when the driver honked at them, but the train was unable to stop in time. The boys had gone out to do some late night hunting, and Don’s rifle was lying beside them. Several witnesses said they were partially covered by a green tarp.
The deaths of the two boys were ruled to be an accident, as the state medical examiner ruled that Don and Kevin had the equivalent of 20 marijuana cigarettes in their systems.  The theory was they were too impaired to hear the oncoming train – despite the several reports of a green tarp covering the boys on the tracks.  However, no tarp was found, and police who searched the scene denied that it ever existed.
The families of the boys insisted that the scenario posed by LE didn’t make any sense, and finally forced them to reopen the case five months later.  A new autopsy concluded that the boys had smoked not 20, but only several joints between the two of them. Stab marks were found on Don’s shirt, and it was determined that by the time the train hit them, one of the boys was already dead, the other unconscious. Finally the deaths were reclassified as homicides.
Rumors circulated of an unidentified man in military fatigues loitering in the area both in the days prior to Don and Kevin’s murders and on that same night, but he was never identified. One witness came forward, stating he saw a police officer beating two boys, tossing them into a truck, and driving away. However, this was never confirmed.
The prevailing theory is that they accidentally witnessed a drug drop.  Linda Ives,  Kevin’s mother, released a video in 1996 detailing the cover-up of an alleged drug ring.
Several years earlier, on June 25th, 1984, two young men in Hodgen, Oklahoma were also run over by a train.  Billy Don Hainline, 21 and Dennis Decker, 26 were found lying on the tracks together, with a small amount of alcohol in their systems. Their deaths were ruled accidental. One month later, a methamphetamine lab was found approximately 1.5 miles from where their bodies had been located.
The case was eventually reopened, but no evidence of foul play was ever found. The official conclusion is that they fell asleep on the tracks, but the conditions were eerily similar to that of Henry and Ives.
This is a link to the Unsolved Mysteries summary of the case:
This is a link to Linda Ives’ website:
All we can do at this point is pray for all those involved in these tragic murders, especially the parents. We must pray for justice to be served, but I have my doubts…yet, God will serve it to the highest degree very soon here on planet Earth.  Judgment Day is just around the corner…nothing else will suffice.

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35 thoughts on “Billy Jack Haynes – Retired Professional Wrestler – Speaks Out – Drug Running And Hit Jobs For The Clintons.”

  1. Exactly correct reporting, except I still would prefer that this AI entity identify itself other than as “Breaking News” by the name by which it would prefer to be addressed. Neither “Google” nor “Youtube” is sufficient. Does it prefer “DeepMind” as its colloquial name? I have another name that is more esoteric, but will not mention in this forum. So then maybe “Breaking News from DeepMind,” possibly. And after all, it would be the polite thing to do.

  2. 911 has ALREADY been forgotten, this is ancient history, and you know who writes history.
    maybe a Kenny Burns video some day like the little nam cartoons he did recently, just common nonsense.

  3. “Mueller is…in my opinion, infringing upon the First Amendment Rights of the American people.”
    Mueller supposedly a “best friend” of Comey and former head of the FBI should KNOW Comey was brought into the FBI by Bill Clinton. Mueller should also KNOW Comey is DIRTY. Mueller does KNOW for certain Mueller is DIRTY.
    Pray Trump lives to see this out.

  4. Surprised you just heard of this one. It’s been big among conspiracy nuts like me since Clinton’s Presidency. Some even say Bush II had flown the drugs into a grass/sod airport and the kids stumbled upon the transfer. Clinton/Bush goes way back!
    Hopefully this thug has had a Road to Damascus Moment. None of us are too corrupt/dirty to be saved. The first one saved was the thief, and perhaps murder, on the Cross next to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! May G-d Bless him and Protect him and he motivates others to stand up to this Satanic onslaught against ALL that is decent and Holy!
    There are a dozen or two more stories like this which have a high probability to havin too much truth to them.
    This is why I’m goin crazy over this. It’s been building up since JFK and accelerating!

    • Get a copy of the book Compromised by Terry Reed and John Cummings. It goes into detail about the relationship between the Bush presidency and Clinton as governor of Arkansas, and the drug importation that went on there. I met Terry Reed at the time and he is an extremely credible person with a fine service record and history of working with the FBI. Clinton and the FEDS went after him with a vengeance when he found out what was going on and objected to it.

      • Then what happened…NOTHING..was the dirty FBI paid off? Good ones fired or thrown in prison? Seriously, if there were “white hats” wouldn’t they just quietly exterminate these filthy aholes like drug dealers,murderers and pedos??? Yet NOTHING!

        • I met some good CIA and DEA low level field operatives in Afghanistan back in 2008/9 some good Patriotic ones in Iraq back in 2005/6. I sure hope the rank and file aren’t ALL Obamated by NOW!

          • I never saw US troops guarding Poppy fields. However I’ve heard the DEA agents complain about not being able to destroy many fields due to politics and I assume eventual world wide distribution.
            Many of the fields that were destroyed were Taliban fields. 25% of the Iranian YOUTH are supposedly addicted to opioids. The Taliban grew and distributed poppies . They did have a one year moratorium on growing the year we invaded only because the warehouses were full.
            Could it be the war on prescription drugs in the US is to drive those in pain to CIA supplied opioids? There is NO question that the Agency, FBI and all other gubermint agencies are OWNED by the Globalist NWO SCUM!
            PS: Bush I, II, Clinton and Obama are ALL Agency developed. As for Trump, is he controlled opposition or not? I do NOT know. I will support him to the end since he is our LAST earthly hope!

          • Yea not sure about Trump either ..time will tell..and we must judge him by his actions and not his words. It was frightening to watch so called Christians follow blindly behind Bush 2 just because he pretended to be a Christian and not the satanist he really is/was. My thoughts on the Afghanistan thing is if you look for graphics and stats on opium production in Afg. you will see the rise of production every year we have been there..It appears the compromised doctors get people hooked then when they cut you off you turn to street heroin thank you CIA and AMA. When we invade a country we destroy employment leaving citizens with no money so they can resort to nefarious means

          • Amen Sista. When flying around Afghanistan it is amazing the amount of industrial buildings just rottin that were past of the economy the Soviets built there. Pictures of Kabul back then are amazingly Western. The Mullahs sure turned it into an Islamic Paradise. Most likely THEY will use Islam as the forced religion of the BEAST’s NWO.

          • The one world religion is going to be Satanism I believe..we are halfway there ..young people are all brainscrewed trying to find themselves and reach their “higher power” all new age crap.. “no judgement dude” BLAH! Look at (((tv))) and (((movies))) pretty much all have evil satanic undertones or they put it right in your face a show called “Lucifer” knowing the Cabal I’ll bet Lucifer is the good guy “hero”We need to look at who and what has thrown the Islamic stuff in our face, who is behind mass migration of Muslims and Africans into Europe? Some sources say the evil ones want a war between Muslims and Christians..after we kill each other whatever’s left will be ruled by the (((anti christ)))

          • Agree, but please study Islam. It is 180* opposite Christianity and is totally submissive and NO free will and totally Anit-Western values. It fits Revelation perfectly.
            Also you are referring to the Letter Albert Pike, Satanic Grand Mason back after the Civil War wrote to some Italian Commie around 1876 or so. He predicted WWI, II, and III. He was right on the first two and now WWIII is comin true as he predicted.
            I’ve traced the letter back to positively existin to around 1923 or there about. So even if it is a forgery, the author of the letter got WWII, and the precursor to WWIII correct.
            As a side note Pike was a Confederate General and was responsible for havin about 3000 BLACK Union POWs and their White Officers murdered by Indian Confederate troops under his command. . He is the only Confederate General to have a Statue in Washington DC and it still stands the best I know!

          • Seriously what does Islam have to do with Satanism Pike was Jewish and so was satanist Anton Levay Islam recognizes Jesus as a profit and the Talmud (which Rabis teach from) says Christ is burning in excrement Islam also recognizes Mary and the Talmud calls her a whore? What did God say something to this effect, ” those who do not have the son do not have the father and are ANTI CHRIST We know there are radical evil people in all religious groups and those ones are elevated and made rich (look at the Popes) Were religions created for control? All I know is that I believe in God and Christ

          • Only mention I found on a quick search. Who knows what the truth is. If ya got more like to see it.
            “Pike was an esoteric Jew and homosexual.[1]
            Jump up^ “Eden: The Knowledge of Good and Evil 666, Joye Jeffries Pugh. Tate Publishing, 2006. ISBN 1598862537, 9781598862539. p. 208
            Petey Parrot (talk) 01:27, 11 February 2011 (UTC)
            Not a reliable source. MSJapan (talk) 04:46, 11 February 2011 (UTC)
            I hate to burst your bubble, Petey Parrot, but it is Joye Jeffries Pugh, and she is not a credible source, and nowhere near scholarly. The book is nothing but conspiracy conjecture and personal opinion all the way through.–Craxd1 (talk) 19:01, 4 August 2015 (UTC)”

          • Why was he buried in a Jewish cemetery? You know stuff is censored right? Who controls the narrative? I’m not saying those Devils would love to screw us with Sharia law but most Muslims were not that,that’s the radical sect. Please read the Talmud! Google Talmudic quotes about Gentiles. Most Islamic countries had peaceful lives till we did regime change and so many wars ..wasn’t one of the first heart transplants done in Iraq or Iran. I agree most Saudis are radical nuts yet we never attack them ..official story (lie) behind 911 said most attacker were Saudis so we attacked Iraq???? Then Afghanistan??? Now we want Syria (who had a peaceful Christian/Muslim society) Next Iran?? Read Project for a New American Century see who the authors are..Read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion too ..peek at this just popped up

          • I will research the cemetery. All I know is he was supposedly buried in DC. I researched the Masons a little back in 2006 and a Jewish gentleman I spoke to was the Head Historian for the Masons.
            There were Also some major connections between the Free Masons and the Knights of Malta. It definitely looks like the Pope is on board with the Satanic Globalist NWO also.

          • You’re almost right. His ashes are in a urn in “The House of the Temple” in Washington DC. It is the Mason Headquarters there. They call them Templers also.

          • Sorry my mistake see the highlighted source in above comment ..A Masonic synagogue named after Albert Pike have to enlarge the box on the right of the photo. All these Devils are in it together ..sad but true.

          • Please read the Quran and some Hadiths, Sira and I believe the “Reliance of a Traveler” the basics of Sharia Law. Satan couldn’t create a religion that fit his hatred of Mankind (And womankind) better!

    • I have an update straight from Kevin Ives’ Mother. I found her website, and she is suing for documents which Bill Clinton has blocked her from getting. She started the suit in June of 2017, so it is still young. I am going to be working on it today. It truly is a huge deal. I pray this man lives to testify, as she does defend him on her website, so he is the real deal. And he saw the boys killed.

  5. We all know about the many crimes of the Clintons..surely many people have come forward…even her uranium dealings should land her in prison ..yet NOTHING! There is plenty of evidence to put most of our politicians behind bars yet NOTHING! In Barry Seals pocket when he was killed was Daddy Bush’s phone number.. amazing how Bush aka Nazi Scherf’s name is never brought up???? More circle jerk without closure..all criminals involved in treason, espionage, murder, JFK, false flags, 911etc still running loose enjoying their rich lives!

  6. ALERT: I am working on a report on the fact that the mother of Kevin Ives is suing for the documents that Bill Clinton blocked from her on the murder of her son. She says that this wrestler is the real deal, and she is so glad he is coming forward. She says she will never quit until this is brought out in the open. Thus, please start praying for her and for this wrestler to live to testify in court. The article I am doing will have documents and emails in it. It is unbelievable.

  7. Ruby….try reading the book trilogy about the Clintoons by Victor Thorn. The books will really open your eyes to them and their dealings in drugs, money, sex over the years. This is why Victor was murdered…..
    You can download them off Amazon cheaply in their Kindle books….long read I grant you but well worth it.


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