Biotech and Pharma stocks with 250%+ ROI opportunities

by Qryptoqurrency

$TRXC — Yesterday, I posted an update on $TRXC hoping to give people on the sidelines opportunities to invest their money into promising companies — $TRXC closed today +6.18%. This stock has been a Strong Buy since mid-2 dollars and has been one of the biggest winners already this year, but with the 3mm FDA approval coming up and the recent acquisition, I’m confident that this one will continue to run up through EOY. If they announce commercial sales, this stock will likely go parabolic.

$VSTM — received FDA Approval of COPIKTRA™ (duvelisib) Capsules, an oral medicine for cancer patients. Verastem Oncology™ has COM (composition-of-matter) patent protection of duvelisib through 2030 before extensions. This company has $165 MILLION in cash. They announced on their call today that they will be announcing another major partner by EOY. I expect the price target of this stock to be $15+ by end of year. This company is currently under $1B market cap.

$TRVN — popped today for +13.37%. Technical analysis initially is the main reason why I thought there was a huge trade opportunity, but after reading about the company and pipeline, I may just hold the stocks long-term. A lot of analysts have $TRVN’s price target above $10. (

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$GERN — Sad I didn’t pull the trigger on this one. Popped today for +13.55% during regular hours and +7.58% AH.

$CRMD — closed regular hours +3.75% and +5.38% AH.

What other biotech/pharma stocks are you all bullish on? Would love to hear your tickets and DD!


Disclaimer: Consult your financial professional before making any investment decision.