BitChute, The Censorship Free Alternative To YouTube

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itChute is a peer-to-peer video sharing platform that emphasizes a censorship-free environment and low hosting costs. The platform was originally launched in 2017, but underwent a redesign in March 2018. Today, the platform remains a niche website catering mostly to conspiracy theorists.

However, the good thing about BitChute is that anyone can post anything on the platform: it’s a censorship-free environment hosted entirely by the people. Today, BitChute is a hub for a certain group of people online, but that may change in the future – particularly if YouTube continues to censor certain voices.

The goal of BitChute is to create a censorship-free environment. The platform was first launched in January 2017, but underwent a major redesign in March 2018.

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As of 2018, the most popular account on BitChute has 11,300 subscribers.

You can check out BitChute for yourself today by visiting



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