Bitcoin And Price Manipulation

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by Chris

When I see charts like that of BTC today, I can only see a “”market”” fully under the control of lightening-fast algos.

If you blinked, you might have missed the “new” price that suddenly developed across and entire globe of interested parties. Millions of eyeballs and hundreds of thousands of interested parties who all magically decided that BTC deserved a new lower price over a 3 minute window, but were perfectly content with the prices both before and after.

Is that the story here?

Seem “free and fair” to anyone?

This sort of price manipulation is now epidemic across most “”markets”” and remain reason #1 why I am perfectly happy not to play in them, preferring instead to sit in my hard assets (garden, gold, house, silver, etc) while we await whatever comes next.

I’m just not fast enough to trade against these computers, something I learned the hard way back in 2008.


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