Armstrong on the Silence Surrounding Epstein Incident

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by SP

Martin points out several aspects of the Epstein affair that sound right to me:

1.  Big Media is very quiet on two aspects of the Epstein case:   a)  the network of coercion/blackmail and a)  the breadth involved participants.  As a diversion, attention is focused on sordid stories of Epstein’s individualdepravity.  (the “lone deranged pedophile”).

2.  Prosecutors collected video and pictures of hundreds of underage girls from Epstein’s properties, most of which should be identified or identifiable.  Who do they say they were “servicing?”

3.   Epstein has been at this for 30 years.  He been protected by the legal system enabling ongoing abuse of young people.  What changed now?   One explanation is that Trump was NOT a sex patron and that many wealthy Dems WERE–i,e.–and that leaking this story is just politics as usual in the USA.  (If the dems can “find” a “grab ’em by the pussy” audio tape 12 years later and surface it just before the election then the repubs can find a pedo scandal that includes dem leadership and supporters.)

4.  The battle for control is again being waged by destroying the legitimacy of the opposition


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