Bitcoin fund bubbles with 10x premium over actual asset value

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Crypto mania now three times the size of Pfizer.

Bitwise 10 Crypto Index Fund



Bitcoin BTCUSD, -0.69% in your IRA? Dude, that’s so last month.

Sure, bitcoin is hitting new highs, and just broke through $23,000. OK, it’s up 200% this year. But bitcoin is old-school, man. It’s the “OK Boomer” of crypto.

You should be in “Aave.” It’s up nearly 10,000% this year. Or “Kusama,” which is up nearly 5,000%. Or “Band Protocol,” which is up nearly 3,000%. Or “,” about 1700%.

And don’t forget things like Celsius Network, ThornChain, Ocean Protocol and ThetaToken. They’re all up around 1,000% this year.


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