Bitcoin Smashed Again…Coincheck halts trading!

This is becoming an almost daily occupancy with these things and proponents still say they are safe…
Update: A massive ($110 million) transfer from Coincheck’s Ripple wallet has sparked speculation that the exchange may have been hacked…though this apparently hasn’t impacted prices yet…

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All major cryptocurrencies tumbled on Friday morning after Tokyo-based Coincheck – one of Japan’s biggest crypto exchanges – abruptly halted withdrawals, triggering a panic as investors feared the exchange may have experienced a Mt. Gox-style hack.
“Coincheck is a very well-known exchange in Japan,” said Hiroyuki Komiya, Chief Executive Officer of Tokyo-based Blockchain Technology Consulting. “We’ve seen several outages at various crypto exchanges recently, so the extent and seriousness of Coincheck’s halt isn’t yet clear. We’re all very eagerly awaiting to hear more detail on what’s happening.”

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h/t condor819