Bizarre ‘Mukbang’ YouTube trend sees women scoff 20,000-calorie McDonalds meals earning $$$$

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A FREAKY trend that has taken YouTube by storm involves guzzling huge volumes of food in front of total strangers.

Known as mukbang videos, the viral clips show young women and men scoffing enormous meals in front of hoards of people online…

The phrase comes from combining the Korean words for eating (muok-da) and broadcast (bang song).

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Mukbang stars – some of whom make £7,000 per month – will sometimes spend hours ploughing through 4,000 calories’ worth of food…

” Caston says she makes twice as much cash as she did working a nine to five.

“I mukbang every day, and I make a comfortable living from it,” she told Today.

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But gorging on thousands of calories in one sitting can take its toll on mukbanging’s biggest names.

Nicholas Perry, 26, has confessed he suffers from severe cramps and problems ”




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