Black Dad And His Adorable Daughter DESTROY Critical Race Theory With A Viral Twitter Video

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The dad talks about how he’s raising his kid to be a kind and decent person who loves everyone and treats everyone equally, which is why he strongly opposes Critical Race Theory.

The video has gone viral on Twitter but since Twitter is where decency and truth go to die, not all users were thrilled.

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A black user @coco_grandee wrote:

Why it is wrong to teach everyone 1) the country’s history on racism 2) all the systems and laws put in place to keep whites people and their descendants in place and 3) how those systems have morphed and evolved to live long after those laws and systems are repealed.

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A white woman named @NadiaAlecsandra wrote:

I want to see a white child saying that color doesn’t matter.

Many black users were not pleased by the video and feel America is a place of great racism whose system is stacked against them.


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