Black Lives Matter Organizer Tells Whites: Nothing You Own is Yours

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by Mark Angelides

In what may be the latter stages of absolute lunacy, BLM organizer Ashleigh Shackelford, has written an article that boils down to: white folk need to hand over all their land, money and possessions if they want to help…All of it! Her ridiculous rant gets to the heart of why a movement that could have been a force for good is now nothing more than a hate mob with one fist raised and the hand held out.
Writing in the Wear Your Voice website (tagline: “Intersectional Feminist Media”), Shackelford’s pleasantly points out that:
“Nothing you have is yours. Let me be clear: Nothing you have is yours. Also, Let me be see through: Reparations are not donations, because we are not your charity, tax write off, or good deed for the day. You are living off of stolen resources, stolen land, exploited labor, appropriated culture and the murder of our people. Nothing you have is yours.”
And here’s why she is so incredibly wrong.
Even if she had a point that those who were involved in slavery owed everything they had to black folk, how do we actually manage this?

  1. Not all white folk’s families were in America when slavery was around. As the MSM are fond f promoting: “This is a nation of immigrants” so how far back do we go? If a person with white skin moved to America last year and bought a house and land, should they hand it over? What about 10 years ago, twenty? How do you define who has benefitted from slavery?
  2. Do we count the white slaves? There were a lot of indentured Irish at the same time as black slavery, and although the legal rights of each were different, they both worked and spilt their blood and broke their backs to “build” the nation. Should they get a half share?
  3. What about black families that arrived after slavery? For example, let’s say a couple arrive from Europe and settle down in America, do they have rights to reparations? What if they arrived 30 years ago, do their children get money and land?
  4. How about black slave owners? Do we have to trace black folk’s lineage back a couple of hundred years to make sure that they didn’t own slaves themselves? If they did, do they also have to hand over their land?
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While I can appreciate Ms Shackelford’s passion for this; I can’t neither support her conclusions nor her demands. We all need to be working hard to ensure that every American gets equality of opportunity, but she seems to want to drive a wedge between races, and this does not help anyone.

66 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter Organizer Tells Whites: Nothing You Own is Yours

  1. Looks like yet another organization that started for a good reason and then got turned into whatever the NWO scumbags want – infiltrating everything is always their first move.
    They’re turning BLM into something ridiculous just like they tried to turn the Tea Party into a Palin (and by extension McCain/Palin 2008) fan club with partial success.
    Every movement that gets any press attention has been subverted – genuine grass roots movements don’t get coverage at all (except maybe in the context of “they’re terrorists”).

    • “Theyre turning BLM into something ridiculous….”
      The BLM started ridiculous and went downhill from there. They have always been a black hate group and they have a habit of protesting over guilty thugs that get what was always coming to them, rather than actual innocent blacks.

        • The welfare and food stamps have already been overpaid for the labor that occurred 150 years ago. The Chinese were used horribly and not a word or whimper, they built wealth, great lives and respect. Actually, if you look at Africa today and the rampant murder of tribe against tribe, poverty & starvation the African Americans whose ancestors were slaves should be glad. Time to stop whining and grow up. Really sick of all their b.s. at this point in time.

        • Sorry, but the blacks owe us reparations for saving them from a life of living like cavemen, poor nutrition, disease and early death. Our ancestors brought them here, fed them, clothed them and, to a certain degree, educated them. Then we gave them trillions of dollars via Johnson’s insane welfare scheme. They owe us, we do not owe them.

    • The Nation of Islam led by Farrakhan advocates kill all the whites, men, women and children as horribly as you can then dig them up and kill them again. The Black Panthers want all the white babies killed. Go to youtube and type in kill white babies. From black hate groups to individuals screaming kill all the white babies, kill everyone with blue eyes. Then we have the mentally ill whites who march with signs Exterminate White People.

      • I’ve seen those videos, but I suspect them (or most of them) of being made by agent provocateurs who want to start a race war so we can’t stand united against a government/industrial complex that wants to oppress everyone regardless of color.
        While some extremists who actually think all whites should be killed probably exist, I think a vast majority of them are either false flag (guess who has a motive to make white people think the Nation of Islam wants to kill all of us? And who wants to split any opposition into lots of infighting factions based on race, gender and anything else they can think of to keep us apart?), or attention grabbing opportunists who don’t care what they say as long as they get some attention for it, or both.
        Of course the very same services that are inciting blacks to shout “kill all whites” are inciting whites to go at black people’s throats.
        We must not fall for it. Someone isn’t the enemy because they have a different skin color, different reproductive organs, speak in a funny accent, follow some weird traditions and/or follow a different religion UNLESS that someone is violent about it.
        Our common enemy is the D.C. swamp and all the infighting they’re creating among the regular people is there to make sure we will not stand united against them.
        Hitlery Clinton or John McCain don’t care if they’re stealing from a black person or a white person, or if their latest victim is black or white. They just care about the fact that they managed to steal and kill.
        We must overcome all the divisions they’re setting for us. And yes, that also includes left vs. right – it’s really not that important what amount of welfare someone thinks the government should provide as long as that someone opposes the totalitarian eternal war empire they want to build.

        • Truthful statement. As*holes come in every color. As for the criminals masquerading as politicians therein lies the real enemy. The problem is the media drums their propaganda into the psyche of the population. The old Bush and the young Bush are very close personal friends with the Obamas. They also consider Bill Clinton an adopted son. All politicians are duplicitous masters of deceit.

          • True — I think Bush also referred to Hitlery Clinton as his “Sister from other parents”.
            They’re all part of the same cancer that needs to be removed.

    • BLM is the Communist revolution. Simple as that.
      And the TEA Party was never a party. Any organization with “TEA Party” in the name is a scam.

      • I essentially agree with that today – but that’s after the bad guys had enough time to infiltrate.
        Long before they got any corporate media attention, there were a few groups (typically supporting Ron Paul) that called themselves TEA Party [before the movement was coopted by the likes of Palin], and chances are BLM genuinely started out as opposition to excessive police violence [and then was turned into what it is today by those seeing an opportunity to use it to further their agendas].

  2. Antifa and BLM are the only ones causing damage. No other group having a rally does this. Like the previous comment which is right, these people are basically low IQ and need to be taken out of the public eye.

        • The only real way to end the madness is to address the jewish problem with gas chambers that actually work! Not the phony “gas chambers” built by the Bolshevik Russians AFTER WWII. Had to have a Holohoax for the bottom line for a sub-species that has no moral compass.

          • Jews foam at the mouth when Jesus Christ or Adolph Hitlers names are mentioned. Every day all you see on TV is how evil Hitler was, Hitler was against the Communist and jews that were destroying Germany. This same group is now destroying America because they are the deep state that runs this country; our country has invaded and destroyed more countries then Germany, killed millions of innocent people while stealing their riches and oil, all for Israel and the jews that run our government. Germany was trying to stop Communism, Churchill, Roosevelt and Ike were jews, the winners write history and that history needs erased and the truth told. Jews love the blacks here in America but hate them in their land of Israel; blacks are too stupid to see this, they are the tool jews use to take America down. There were more jews in the communist party then Russians and they were behind the killing of millions of Russians. jews and communism go together like chocolate and peanut butter.

  3. Everything they own would fit the same description. They too live on and benefit from stolen land, etc. Good luck getting anyone to take this nonsense seriously. They just want more handouts.

  4. BLM is not the main problem the biggest problem is more then half the white people hate their own race and gleefully look forward to their genocide while bragging that their daughter or niece sister or cousin has mulatto mutt kids

  5. To hell with the nogs. The damned jews imported and sold them to each other and to theier goyim lckeys all over the western hemisphere. If they HADN’T THE NOGS WHO CAPTURED THEM would have chopped their hands and feet off let them suffer a while, bashed their brains out and eaten them. Whites freed them to breed like rats when they can’t feed themselves, and being 1/5 jew from the rapes of black womins by the slavers, [ Check the federal stats, whites don’t rape nogs, ever] howl all the time.

  6. why aren’t they complaining about the chocolate companies that have headquarters in Ivory Coast???where they pull the cacao beans, the men who run those farms, have others go out into rural villages, and they literally kidnap children in the dead of the night, and force them into servitude, as young as 8 or 9!, its very sad!

  7. South Africa has proclaimed genocide on whites. They are confiscating white farms, and rebel groups have, in the past, raided remote farms and massacred in many horrible ways the white owners. The largest refugee settlement in SA is full of whites. But of course, this can all be read in the MSM.

  8. Looks like the Negras are taking their talking points directly from the jewish Communists….seeing as how they don’t have enough brainpower to even begin to make this sheet up.

  9. “because we are not your charity, tax write off, or good deed for the day”
    If your have your hand out waiting for someone to give you something. You are all of the above.

  10. OK, I own nothing. I’m still not going to un-ass it for free…you have to forcibly take it. You have to assault my vast mountain of gold. Then we bring up racial percentages of genetic makeup….and native American ancestors, and the notion that all white people lie about that for reasons of fashion, and, when we get past that, Ashleigh owes me rent because she’s waddling across my land.
    I’ll go her one further on the blanket statement: no one ever REALLY gets away with anything. Including her. Even though she’s righteous. And makes $$$ directly off of race pimping…

  11. I stopped reading at WHITE people need to hand over land, everything to RACIST NEGRO”S. The NEGRO thinks WHITEY owes them something. I just haven’t figured out what yet…. Oh wait it just came to me….NOTHING.

  12. so let me see if I understand this.. a welfare societal parasite that has had everything handed to them because of the melanin content of their skin instead of their abilities and has never honestly earned anything in their life, has the audacity to tell people who did earn what they have, that it isn’t theirs? let me guess, the societal parasite wants more free shit, especially possessions that were earned by someone else..
    It’s beyond the time to put a life time limit on welfare and free handouts.. two years, after that, you’re homeless and you starve! its time to grow up and support YOURSELF! No more crying slavery as a weapon of guilt for free shit! you were never a slave! so get over it.. and to those who want reparations for slavery,.. great, I have an answer for you,.. A ONE WAY TICKET OUT OF THE COUNTRY AND A LIFE TIME BAN FROM RETURNING!!
    Have a nice day!

  13. Sure, black people, then can you give US back everything you have? Blacks have never done a single thing ever to progress the world, we want our clothes back, our cars, watches, fact everything you own was and is made by white men.. you did not even invent shoes!

  14. The NDAA makes the commission of any crime (state/federal) wherein people are threatened and act of domestic terrorism. These nitwits (BLM/Antifa) are domestic terrorists. If the ‘Law’ of the land mattered one wit anymore these twits would be locked up and all their assets seized or is the unwritten law that the law only applies to arabs? I don’t agree with such broad “laws” but come on. Allow these clowns to speak and incite violence again and again? Arrest that jerk Soros who funds all these criminals…

  15. America was build with the sweat and blood of slaves white and black slaves! The first slaves brought to North-America were Irish, later the disgusting American scum enslaved the native Indians.
    Pay up! Don’t you ever ask other countries to pay restitution again!

    • Do you know who else traveled the “trail of tears” with the Cherokee? Their slaves. American Indians engaged in slavery long before and after Columbus showed up.
      Paiute legend states that they took the land from a race of red haired white giants; please list historical circumstances where invaders were welcomed with open arms. (Other than current libtard lunacy.)

  16. You have the right to “say” anything you wish to say. I have the right to “defend” anything which I feel is mine. If there are any attempts from anyone to take away the few things which I do possess, I am afraid the effort will bring about a much higher price to be paid than these things are really worth. I am very well prepared to pay this price and more to keep them. Are you willing to pay the same price in order to take them away ??

  17. You can’t fix stupid, and you can’t talk to someone with no IQ. Take that microphone and stick it up her A. Then ship her to Africa. Let her see what her “brethren” live like, then maybe she will shut up!

  18. That’s Bernie in the background alright. Gosh did he ever set up all those dum dum folks. He cashed in nice after realizing his communist bolshevik jewish manifesto wouldn’t roll ya’ll real folks over. Did he ever fool a bunch of retard morons for the ages or what? How could anybody with even half a brain vote and support that filthy jew boy? The US is toast ladies and gentlemen. They never researched his “non-working” background, nor his communist background either. Mindless fools just went out and voted for him. I digress. This place is cooked.

  19. If she’s so oppressed and unhappy, she can always go back to Africa. Nobody is making her stay here. There isn’t a person alive today that was a slave in the Confederacy. And yes, black people owned slaves too. But not ALL people in the Confederate states owned slaves. The majority of the population DID NOT own slaves in the Confederacy. Slaves were expensive and a luxury and most people could not afford to buy slaves. Others did not want to own slaves simply because they didn’t believe in slavery. It’s people like her that cannot and will not ever be satisfied. White people did not begin slavery. But white people ENDED slavery. And this is the thanks they get. As far as the conquest of the Americas goes, might I remind her that the Spanish and the French were also conquering America at the same time the English were. Spain had already conquered much of South America, ALL of Mexico, and much of the Western part of what is now the United States. The French had conquered the Louisiana territory and Quebec in the north. Quebec still speaks French to this day. And NONE of this was done by ANYBODY in the present day. She’s an idiot.

  20. What days are these when a racist-to-the-core domestic terror group can run rampant, all but unchallenged, throughout the cities of America…razing building, killing cops, attacking random folks just because they’re white–and be spoken of and respected (by the Left) as a REMOTELY respectable and legitimate organization!? It’s staggering. BLM are simply the black KKK. NO difference at all.

  21. American Black leadership is attempting to turn the USA into another Zimbabwe. And this thrust appears to be aided and abetted by the suicidal, White, liberal/progressive/Left. Differences between the races stem more from cultural variations than intelligence. The historical traditions of tribalism and sectarianism amongst Blacks do not bode well, at this point in time, for the effective ascendancy of any Black-run political entity. Don’t believe me? Well, just name one Black-run country on the globe today which is not a dictatorial, Third World Hell hole. South Africa used to be considered a near-First World country, but under the misrule of the ANC, has now descended to a socioeconomic basket case, where thuggery, violence, rapaciousness, and ignorance are keys to success. Rule of law, which provides measures of stability and predictability for the operation of polite society, and the institutions necessary to support it, only exist by continued effort and consensus. Destroy these institutions – which is easily done – and whatever shreds remaining of justice and equity will vanish, and the world will devolve into Hobbes’ State of Nature, where man’s existence is solitary, short, and brutish.

  22. This BLM has never been started for a good reason. It is a black supremacist organization of the rankest order. I warn the white supporters of this criminal, openly racist cabal, that their throats will be the first to be slit if this gang ever succeeds in their malicious conspiracy.

    • The idiot whites that support BLM should learn from what happened in Haiti around 200 years ago. Whites helped blacks gain independence from France. All whites were then brutally murdered. That is all whites men, women and children, even infants.

  23. Sounds pretty much like what the Bolsheviks told ethnic Russians. In the new “workers paradise” the state owns everything and we are the state. Millions of aristocrats, priests, professionals, merchants and farmers who disagreed were exterminated. Millions more starved because Bolsheviks were insane and had no clue how to run a country. Things are a little different in the US. We all have guns and lots of them. Hope it will be enough.

  24. I don’t “appreciate her passion” because she, and all minorities, have lived off of and appropriated stolen land and incomes too. Minorities also owe reparations. Plus, you need to pay for all the food, housing, clothes, and language and culture lessons too, even if those did not stick. We need to look at the example of today’s South Africa to see the outcome of our misguided sympathies and kick all the embittered out before they get even more embittered as it’s too obvious they’ll never be satisfied. Ever.

  25. Look , most black people and people of any other color than white don’t care for the truth of slavery .
    Look some of my ancestors came form scotland as SLAVES .
    There are still thousands if not hundreds of thousands of white girls being took from their land in russia and sold as slaves in “israel” and arab lands to this day .
    Guess what slavery is in the bible , both old covenant and new covenant . Deal with it you cowards . Mankind hate mankind without coming to Jesus Christ . Something special happens when someone calls upon the only Saviour .
    People who call themselves christians and still care that they are this color or that color , have you not backsliden ?
    People who call themselves “african -american” or whatever literally have no loyalty to America , do you hear me call myself scottish american ?
    Every color of people under the sun have been slaves at one point of time or another .
    This verse below is speaking of the fallen one .
    That made the world as a wilderness, and destroyed the cities thereof; that opened not the house of his prisoners?
    i cannot stand cities , but do you see me trying to destroy them ? NOPE

  26. I think this welfare queen has it backwards. Whites have built everything and earned all they got. We just don’t sit on a stoop in the hood collecting welfare checks. Look at Africa before the White Man not a single 2 story structure. Before the White Man there was just a bunch of half naked savages chuckin stone spears.

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