WATCH The Live Broadcast Of The Full Solar Eclipse HERE. FULL Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017!

by Ruby Henley
Total solar eclipse is one of the most fascinating astronomical phenomena. Thousands and sometimes millions of people, as it was in case of the last total eclipse visible in central Europe, travel to the narrow band of totality to enjoy fleeting beauty lasting few minutes only. Even people without any knowledge in physics and astronomy realize during the total eclipse that our Sun is definitely not a boring light source of a round shape shining down from the heaven but an extremely interesting living star which occupies surprisingly large part of the sky.
Astonishing series of scientific discoveries were made during the rare total solar eclipses. Probably the most famous one was done on May 29th 1919 when it was proved that the Sun behaves like a giant achromatic gravitational lens as it was predicted by Einstein’s general relativity theory. Although nowadays cosmic probes greatly extended the possibilities of observing the Sun as the telescopes can be placed outside the interfering Earth’s atmosphere, each total solar eclipse remains a scientific event of great importance. Total solar eclipse gives an unique opportunity to take advantage of digital cameras, advanced photographic films, fast computers, and modern mathematics and create images of inner corona in the quality which is nowadays impossible to be reached by any other way. The main aim of these Web pages is to prove that the previous sentence is truthful and that from the scientific point of view it makes sense to organize expeditions to each total solar eclipse.
This is the day so many have anticipated:  The full solar eclipse of August 21, 2017.  You can watch it live at NASA.  It should be exciting to watch it together.
Here are the basics of the eclipse:
PAGE, Ariz. – Page Unified School District will be making changes to its class schedule Monday out of respect for Native American culture. 
The total solar eclipse has prompted the district to modify its schedule because its student population is about 75-percent Native American. 
“We did it out of respect for the Navajo community,” said Lynne Hoffman, executive secretary for the Page Unified School District superintendent’s office. “We modified our schedule, so we are following an inclement weather schedule.” 
According to traditional beliefs, viewing the eclipse could result in health and spiritual problems. Navajo beliefs warn against eating, sleeping or being out in the sun while a solar eclipse is happening.  
“You’re not supposed to be out in the sun because nature does change, the atmosphere, the lighting, everything changes,” said Carlos Begay, a Navajo culture and language teacher at Page High School. “If you were to eat during an eclipse, it does cause eating disorders and even other things along the lines of disease. If you were to sleep during an eclipse, that’s where sleeping deprivation comes from, eye problems come from, that’s where blindness comes from, the list goes on.” 
Beliefs surrounding the eclipse started a long time ago while watching nature. 
“Back in history, as Diné people, we were raised grazing livestock, horses, cattle and and sheep,” he said.  “As an example, sheep knew what to do already. They would find the shade wouldn’t graze anymore, they would settle in, put their heads down not even sleep, just huddle. So that tells you as a human being something is going on with nature. So animal behavior guides us.”
The time surrounding the eclipse is a time for self-reflection and a time to show respect for the sun and the moon. 
“It’s a time that the sun or the moon is changing itself. When its changing, it’s a time that you’re supposed to be reverent ,” said Begay. “Because the sun in our culture, in our society, is the center of our universe.” 
Many schools with a high percentage of Native American students are expecting lower attendance on Monday, but for the students in Page, school will still be in session. 
Page Unified School District spoke to the Navajo Nation and other northern Arizona schools about their policies before they decided to alter their schedule. 
Tuba City schools will not be open Monday. 
“We will definitely be here in the Hogan, this is the perfect structure for it,” said Begay. “And I will definitely be here with the students reflecting on certain stories and maybe even going into stories about the sun.”
The event will also be the first-ever total solar eclipse with a path of totality exclusively inside the United States. Back in 1257, another one met this geographical standard, but that was centuries before the nation’s founding.
Revelation 12 Sign = September 23, 2017 Alignment?
Scott Clarke of erf Ministries believes the eclipse is intimately connected to a September 23 astronomical alignment involving the constellations Virgo and Leo, along with Mercury, Mars, Venus and Jupiter. On that date, Jupiter will exit the lower part of Virgo (the virgin) in a way that Clarke says fulfills the “man child” of Revelation 12 being birthed by the woman. He says Regulus and the other stars of Leo—along with the other three visible planets—comprise the “crown of twelve stars” that Revelation 12:1 says will be upon the travailing woman’s head. “You’ve got this epic solar eclipse over America,” he says, “and it’s happening right at Regulus, in Leo the Lion—the constellation. There are twelve constellations. It could happen anywhere, but it’s happening in the constellation of the king, meaning the return of the king!”

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  1. I live about 15 miles from the epicenter of the eclipse in Cerulean, KY and the total eclipse was visible for about 2 minutes but it never got dark, just twilight, no stars and the cows just kept grazing the pasture and the birds continued to chirp.

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