Black Student Leader to Joe Biden: Why Should Blacks Trust Democrats Anymore?

GAFFNEY, South Carolina — Jalon Robertson, president of the Black Student Union at Limestone College, asked former vice president Joe Biden why black voters should continue to choose the Democratic Party after decades.
Roberson asked his question at an outdoor town hall meeting at Limestone College that drew roughly 400 to 500 people on a hot, humid afternoon.

He asked:

Black people have traditionally voted Democrat since 1948, when [Harry S.] Truman got 77% of the black vote. And we still vote Democrat today, even though we lead the world in incarceration, we have the education gap, we have the wage gap, et cetera. So a lot of young people my age, my race, we are trying to find the incentive in voting Democrat. Why should we trust the party, and how would your administration hold your party accountable for the vote?

Biden acknowledged that the question was fair, but never quite answered it.

Instead, he spoke for over ten minutes about his record on criminal justice, defending — and acknowledging criticisms of — his 1994 crime bill.


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